New Philips Fidelio wireless AV platform

Amsterdam, January 27th, 2022

TP Vision previews new premium Philips Fidelio wireless AV platform

  • New Philips Fidelio focused wireless AV platform to be launched in 2022 based on award winning high-quality DTS® Play-Fi® multi-room technology.
  • New platform brings Fidelio hallmark of premium European design and high-end performance to wireless audio and AV products.
  • App based platform gives consumers multiple system options – from using individual products to a stereo pair, from a soundbar & sub to full blown room filling multi-speaker AV systems.
  • Three innovative Philips Fidelio wireless products to be part of the launch in 2022 including: Fidelio FB1 soundbar, Fidelio FW1 subwoofer and the Fidelio FS1 satellite speaker.
  • Fidelio FS1 satellite speaker includes built-in LED lights to synchronise with Philips’ Ambilight TVs to extend the Ambilight effect into the room.
  • Premium finish includes real materials and features wood, aluminium and Muirhead sustainable leather.

Philips Sound will bring premium quality European design, finish and performance to a new range of Philips Fidelio wireless, seamlessly connected AV products with the launch of a new Fidelio focused wireless AV platform in 2022.

The Philips Fidelio wireless AV system is based on proprietary DTS® Play-Fi® technology, using a premium, App controlled, high-resolution wireless, multi-room audio platform to offers easy and seamless connection and streaming between compatible TVs, mobile devices, sound bars and speakers, located throughout the home.

Philips Fidelio Wireless AV Platform

Philips is previewing three new models that will be the first products to join the new Fidelio focused AV platform during 2022. All three have been designed to bring Fidelio performance and a coherent family design featuring premium materials to multi-room, multi-channel, high-quality audio streaming.

The new series will start with the Fidelio FB1 wireless soundbar, the Fidelio FW1 wireless subwoofer and the Fidelio FS1 bookshelf sized wireless speaker, all due to be available in the second half of 2022.

The new Fidelio range also works an ‘intelligent’ eco-system, where each speaker can ‘detect’ when it has been connected to another, whether that is the FB1 soundbar to the FW1 subwoofer or by adding the FS1 as the rear channels or adding a second FS1 to make a stereo pair, in each case the products will automatically adjust to the ensure the best possible acoustic performance is always delivered.

The Fidelio FB1 is discrete, slim-line 7.1.2 soundbar specially designed to complement the latest bezel free, minimalist high-end TVs and features 15 drivers and 310W (RMS) of power to ensure a huge, room, filling immersive sound performance.

The sound bar is divided into independent enclosures for its LCR sections to minimise crosstalk and ensure outstanding resolution/clarity. Each of the LCR channels also features a pair of midrange drivers mounted either side of a tweeter in a classic D’Appolito arrangement for better integration of the mid and high range sound.

Two side-firing drivers are mounted, one at each end of the bar to further extend sound into the room and to create a convincing surround sound effect. Further extension is delivered by two dedicated Dolby Atmos elevation drivers mounted on top of the bar either side of a dedicated bass enclosure featuring two subwoofers.

The hallmark Fidelio high-quality finish includes a Muirhead leather wrap around the chamfered edge of the soundbar and an acoustically transparent metal mesh – all designed to perfectly compliment Philips premium TV models

The Fidelio FW1 wireless subwoofer features a large down firing 8” woofer driver supplemented by two side-mounted, large passive radiators – working ‘back-to-back’ – and with a powerful 200W(RMS) amplifier to provide deep, fast and detailed bass, ideal for both movies and music.

A mix of Muirhead leather and wood finishes with a brushed aluminium top give the FW1 a high-quality, sophisticated look and feel.

The FS1 wireless speaker is a versatile, three-way flexible design ideal allowing it to be used as either a single unit, as a stereo pair or as satellite speakers in a7.1.4 system with the FB1 and FW1.

A sophisticated specification includes a front firing tweeter, an angled, up-firing mid-range unit and a down firing woofer in its own dedicated part of the enclosure. Bass performance is further reinforced by the addition of two passive radiators.

Power is a generous 60W (RMS) allowing the FS1 to happily perform in mid to larger size rooms.

The FS1 looks stunning on its own or as part of a Fidelio AV system, sharing the same premium European design with a mix of Muirhead leather and metal to give a high-quality finish rarely found in this market segment.

And for a unique immersive AV experience, the FS1 also includes built-in LED lights designed to work and synchronise with Philips’ Ambilight TVs – extending the Ambilight effect throughout the whole of the room.

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