ESG Governance

For CSR and Sustainability to result in significant change, it’s necessary to have support on all levels in the organization. That’s why we introduced a Sustainability steering committee where the leaders of the business units are represented. The members of the steering committee are selected by the management team to represent their business unit. Together with the workstream owners they discuss new projects and initiatives every 8 weeks.

Steering committee

  • Consists of BU leaders of all entities, CFO, Human Resource Director and Global CSR & Sustainability Manager. They are authorized to approve projects and budgets per business unit or overarching projects for all business units.
  • Meets every 8 weeks to provide strategic advice and guidance.

CSR & Sustainability department

  • Managing the global strategy and coordinating projects.
  • The Global CSR & Sustainability Manager is member of the ESG Taskforce of TPV who advises the ESG Committee of TPV.

Workstream owners and participants

  • Managing the designated workstream and to define projects/objectives/KPIs per BU.
  • The participants represent their BUs and are assisting the owner of the workstream to reach the deliverables.