Talent attraction and retention

Our employees are our most important capital. Their competencies, values and personalities are a crucial part of the functioning of our company. Their engagement, commitment and expertise are key to TP Vision’s success.

Honesty, integrity and fairness are demonstrated by each employee and represent the key pillars of our culture. We ask all our employees to endorse and promote these values as laid out in our global TPV Code of Conduct. This code contains clear guidelines, rules and social norms which everyone must adhere to at all times.In order to fulfil our ambition of being a professional and an increasingly desired employer, we will continue to assess our recruitment strategy and we aim towards developing a clear Employer Brand.

In 2020, we initiated a tender for a labor market communication provider to define our Employer Brand Strategy along with developing a new multifunctional vacancy website. The Employer Brand is to clearly reflect our business’ mission, culture and values. The new job site will provide organized and professional job posts while embracing our brand. This will help us acquire even more applicants and attract people who further strengthen and elevate our company culture.

To automate the process of posting jobs and finding qualified talents, the vacancy website will also be connected to the applicant tracking system Connexys. We also have an Employee Referral Program in place, which aims at getting the best candidates for the company’s vacancies by using the broad network of existing employees. Any employee who has recommended a candidate, who is finally hired, is rewarded based on the company’s referral scheme. Working in a dynamic environment with offices in many countries across Europe, employees have opportunities to apply for vacancies in any of these countries.