4 Red Dot Design Awards 2023 for Philips TV & Sound!

Amsterdam, April 12th, 2023

Philips TV & Sound products win four Red Dot 2023 Product Design Awards as official recognition of exceptional European Design

TP Vision has successfully continued its policy of putting outstanding European design at the core of every Philips branded TV and audio product, and once again that policy has received professional recognition of the highest order by winning four 2023 Red Dot Product Design Awards.

TP Vision has made a long-term commitment to providing Philips TV & Sound customers with the outright best of European Design in their products, a commitment that includes the direct investment in maintaining a dedicated design team based in Amsterdam.

It is the vision and creativity of the design team that has allowed the company to win consistent professional praise including the four 2023 Red Dot awards spread across Philips TV and Sound products.

Philips TV & Sound 2023 Red Dot award winners include:

Philips Ambilight TV OLED+ 908

The design needed to recognise that the OLED+908 would be the flagship Philips Ambilight TV for 2023. OLED+ sets must also communicate that they possess the very best in both picture and sound quality.

The OLED+908 brings a discrete, integrated sound solution from Bowers & Wilkins, wrapped in a bespoke Kvadrat acoustic wool fabric.

The open frame aluminium central stand provides swivel functionality and the new remote control offers backlighting and context use secondary keys for a simpler user experience.

Philips Fidelio T2 TWS headphones

The Fidelio name is a promise of a true premium audio product.

The T2 true wireless headphones continue the simplified geometric design language the company has established for Philips Fidelio while offering both a highly compact headphone and charging case proposition.

As befits the premium positioning the headphone uses precision ceramic framing with Muirhead sustainable leather, while the charging case also utilises Muirhead Leather plus extruded, anodised aluminium and a rubber base plate for ease of use.

Philips Fidelio L4 headphones

Fidelio has already established a reputation for premium sound, materials and comfort.

The L4 headphones continue the simplified geometric design language already established for Philips Fidelio and while maintaining a premium position – through the use of anodised aluminium for the open frame design with Muirhead sustainable leather for the overhead band – the Fidelio L4 has been created as a surprisingly light and compact headphone.

Philips A5508 True Wireless

Philips has taken the approach of an ‘A’ grade brand into the dedicated sports audio segment. The A5508 helps to build on the growing Philips range of sports wearables, by offering a True Wireless product that is a light, highly compact, distinct and durable experience. The grooved detailing across the product touch points allows for a simpler unsighted usability and also enhances the product surface’s sweat management.

For nearly 70 years, the Red Dot awards have acknowledged companies who want to distinguish their products and business through better design. The Red Dot Design Award breaks down into the three disciplines of Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept and with more than 20,000 entries, the Red Dot Awards are one of the world’s largest and most prestigious design competitions.

The awards recognise the absolute best in product design, accessed by an independent panel of 50 International design professionals over several days, and measured on a number of factors including: functionality, quality, ergonomics, innovation, durability and ecological compatibility.

Commenting on the new awards, Rod White, Chief Design Officer for TP Vision said:

‘I believe TP Vision is unique in the consumer electronics field for its focus on making product design a core element of the product creation process and not by designing as an afterthought once the product concept has been outlined.’

Our consumers have clearly bought into the idea that the design of their product is key and will add to their pride of ownership throughout its life. And I’m delighted that once again that idea has also received the highest accolade, and the official recognition of the professional design community, by winning four Red Dot Awards.

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