TP Vision partners with The Explorers and unlocks nature’s wonders

Amsterdam, March 21st, 2022

Partnership offers Philips TV consumers to experience the wonders of Earth from the comfort of their homes

TP Vision announces an exciting new partnership with The Explorers. This organization is making an inventory of all the planet’s heritage with the latest technology. With this global project – under the slogan ‘know better to protect better’ – The Explorers share the riches of the world, and raise awareness of preserving Earth’s natural, cultural, and human heritage. This partnership fits seamlessly with TP Vision’s commitment to contribute to a better planet for generations to come. The Explorers’ unprecedented catalogue of spectacular videos and photos will be available on Philips TVs, offering consumers the most immersive way of enjoying Earth’s wonders from the comfort of their homes, with the magic of Ambilight.

Earth’s natural, cultural, and human heritage

The Explorers are creating the world’s biggest inventory of nature’s riches, with the largest video catalogue in premium quality (8K and 4K HDR). Watching this content makes you live the adventure as if you were part of it. Especially when watched on a Philips TV, combining state-of-the-art picture quality with Earth’s magnificent colours splashing of your screen, thanks to Ambilight.

Become an explorer – 4 months for free for Philips TV owners

Now, with this partnership, Philips TV owners will have access to nature’s wonders from the comfort of their homes by means of a free 4-month trial*. The free trial can be easily started on the majority of Philips Smart TVs that are currently installed at homes throughout Europe and South America by downloading the new The Explorers application. The application will be pre-installed on Philips Smart TVs from the 2022 range that hit the market from April 2022 onwards.

Exclusive content for Philips TV – the wonders of Martinique

Philips TV owners will also have exclusive access to content that will be produced this spring: as part of the partnership a dedicated team of photographers and videographers will travel to Martinique to bring its wonders into consumers’ living rooms. In order to raise even more awareness for nature’s beauty, content by The Explorers will be used for Philips TV’s retail demonstrations.

Stefan van Sabben, CSR & Sustainability Manager at TP Vision: “Partnering with like-minded organizations such as The Explorers is a key step in our sustainability journey. We are very proud of our new partnership, which encompasses a perfect mix of technology, sustainability, and awareness of Earth’s natural inventory. Now, we can bring nature’s wonders into everybody’s living room, they can enjoy Earth’s beauty in an immersive way, as if they are experiencing the adventure themselves.”

Supporting the scarlet macaw in Honduras

As part of the partnership, TP Vision also supports a special project of The Explorers Foundation, protecting and restoring the scarlet macaw wild populations in Honduras in Central America. These birds are facing the destruction of their natural habitat and are hunted to be sold as pets. Consequently, the species may soon be extinct. By supporting the Macaw Mountain and Bird Park Reserve, TP Vision helps the macaw birds to fly safely around the area now known as ‘The Sacred Valley of the Scarlet Macaw’.

*The free 4-month trial of The Explorers app is available on all Philips Smart TV running on Android TV and any Philips Smart TV running on Saphi platform from the 2019 range and after. You will find the trial offer mentioned exclusively to Philips TV owners on the home screen of the The Explorers application after downloading it from the local app store. New Philips consumers (2022 range) will find the application pre-installed on the Smart TV home screen or within the Philips app collection service. To benefit from this offer the 4 months free trial period should start before 31st of December 2022.

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About The Explorers

The Explorers, in partnership with UNESCO, is a global project that takes inventory of the natural, cultural, and human heritage of the Earth, in Ultra High Definition (8K/4K) images. From the glaciers of the Arctic to the warm waters of French Polynesia, The Explorers pursues its educational goal, through its meetings and expeditions: ‘’know better to protect better’’. The first company to stream 8K on Smart TVs, The Explorers has been previously voted as ‘’TV App of the Year’’ and is currently available in 17 languages in 170 countries.

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