TP Vision hits new heights in 2020

TP Vision hits new heights with Philips TV & Sound in 2020 across all major European Markets

Amsterdam, December 2nd, 2020 – TP Vision, brand license partner in Europe for Philips TV & Sound, has confirmed that the business enjoyed an exceptional year in 2020 – in terms of sales, media exposure and critical acclaim – for both the Philips branded range of high-performance TV’s and audio products.

2020 has brought significant changes to everyone’s lifestyles, with the most obvious being the extra time people have been spending at home, leading many to upgrade their home TV, Audio & video equipment – while spending significant more time searching the media for recommendations.

  • More than 130 Awards across European media for Philips TV & Sound products for the11 months of 2020 so far – Philips OLED TVs receiving 86 and Philips Sound products 46
  • Hugely successful partnership with Bowers & Wilkins extended
  • Ambilight continues to be a standout, market leading integrated experience.
  • Philips Sound’s premium Fidelio branding successfully re-introduced with the launch of the Fidelio X3 headphones.
  • Excellent sales success and critical acclaim with the launch of the hugely popular Philips PH805 noise cancelling headphones.
  • Best of European Design remains a key feature for the brand which continued to receive official recognition by winning seven design awards in 2020

In the past three years, Philips televisions have been the fastest growing, profitable and innovative among other television brands. That success has continued with 2020 proving to be an exceptionally successful year in part due to the increasing popularity of the Philips OLED and The Performance series TV models.

Philips OLED TV’s have already won 86 awards in European Media in 2020, a trend that has continued with the introduction of the OLED805 and the OLED+935 series, the first to feature the Philips AI technology that allows the brand to maintain its position as the PQ reference for the premium sector of the market.

A high point of the year was the winning of prestigious EISA Awards for both of the new OLED sets, with the OLED805 winning Best Buy OLED TV 2020-2021 award and the OLED+935 wining Home Theatre TV of the Year 2020-2021.

The hugely successful partnership with audio specialists Bowers& Wilkins was also extended in 2020 with the OLED+ sets launched by the partners enjoying a doubling in sales over an already impressive 2019.

Ambilight remains the highlight consumer experience of the Philips TV range in 2020 with more models now featuring a four-sided version of the technology for a totally immersive experience. Ambilight also remains the key element behind the high customer satisfaction and recommendation scores for Philips TVs.

In addition to OLED, the Philips TV Performance Series has enjoyed strong growth. Philips TV created ‘The One’ communication platform to offer consumers a simple choice: the quality and performance of a premium set but all at a mid-range, highly competitive price – with Philips TV emphasising that this is the TV set that has everything a consumer may need. The response has been a near doubling in sales for the range in each of the past two years, leading TP Vision to introduce The Performance series Soundbar to complete the outstanding value for money home cinema experience.

TP Vision has also turned a similar focus to Philips Sound category including the successful launch of the ultra-competitive PH805 noise cancelling over-ear headphones offering a very popular combination of excellent performance, build and value.

The resurgence of the Philips audio products – 46 Awards so far in 2020 – also included the relaunch of the Philips Fidelio range pioneered by the very well-received, iconic X3 open-back headphone, to be shortly followed by the new Fidelio L3 headphone, and the B95 & B97 high performance sound bars.

TP Vision also enjoyed the highest critical acclaim in 2020, with the company’s commitment to offering the best of European Design, outstanding craftsmanship and the use of real, responsibly sourced materials winning seven Red Dot Design Awards including for the OLED855 TV, The Fidelio X3 and forthcoming L3 headphones and the Philips T8505 true wireless model.

About TP Vision

TP Vision Europe B.V. (‘TP Vision’) is registered in the Netherlands, with its head office in Amsterdam. TP Vision is a wholly owned company of TPV Technology Limited (‘TPV’), which is one of the world’s leading monitor and TV manufacturers.

TP Vision is a consumer electronics key player in TV and audio entertainment. TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips-branded TV sets (Europe, Middle East, South America, India and selected countries in Asia-Pacific) and Philips-branded audio products (globally) under trademark license by Koninklijke Philips N.V. We combine the strong Philips brand with our product development and design expertise, operational excellence, and industry footprint of TPV. We believe in creating products that offer a superior audio and visual experience for consumers.

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