TP Vision’s OLED TVs continue their record setting winning ways

  • 55” OLED805 wins EISA Best Buy OLED TV 2020-2021 Award
  • 65” OLED+935 wins EISA Home Theatre TV of the Year 2020-2021 Award

Amsterdam, August 17th, 2020 – TP Vision – Philips has championed OLED TV from the very earliest days of the technology, often used in combination with the company’s powerful P5 processor and exclusive Ambilight technology, to deliver simply stunning results.

Philips OLED TVs have consistently set new standards for picture and sound quality in the premium TV market, winning numerous awards on the way, but none more prestigious than the EISA Awards. With the announcement of the 2020 EISA results, the TP Vision can now claim to have won the Best Buy OLED category for a record four times in a row and the Home Theatre TV category for a highly impressive three times in a row.

Representing the largest collaboration of tech gurus from the world of consumer electronics, from 29 Countries and 55 leading specialist magazines, EISA (Expert Imaging & Sound Association) has been selecting the new wave of innovative and leading-edge products for its highly influential EISA awards for almost 40 years.


On selecting the 55OLED805 as Best Buy OLED TV for 2020-2021, the EISA judges said:

“Both evolution and revolution, the new Philips mid-tier OLED TV carries over the Android smart features and universal HDR support of its previous generation but debuts extensively upgraded image processing. The result is a 4K HDR display that pushes the picture envelope and gets the best from disc and digital sources, with AI-based enhancements to the company’s P5 processor delivering a boost to sharpness, colour vibrancy and motion clarity – It’s a brilliant TV at an eye-catching price.”


On awarding the 65OLED+935, Home Theatre TV of the Year 2020-2021, the EISA judges said:

“Superior sound and pristine vision dovetail together in range-topping 4K OLED TV. The former comes from the 65OLED+935’s innovative integrated 3.1.2 speaker system, designed in partnership with audio specialist Bowers & Wilkins. Four-sided Ambilight adds another level of immersion to a home theatre TV that’s already utterly captivating”

The 55OLED805 is now on-sale in major European markets. The OLED+935 will be officially launched on 1st September.


About TP Vision

TP Vision Europe B.V. (‘TP Vision’) is registered in the Netherlands, with its head office in Amsterdam. TP Vision is a wholly owned company of TPV Technology Limited (‘TPV’), which is one of the world’s leading monitor and TV manufacturers.

TP Vision is a consumer electronics key player in TV and audio entertainment. TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips-branded TV sets (Europe, Russia, Middle East, South America, India and selected countries in Asia-Pacific) and Philips-branded audio products (Globally) under trademark license by Koninklijke Philips N.V. We combine the strong Philips brand with our product development and design expertise, operational excellence, and industry footprint of TPV. We believe in creating products that offer a superior audio and visual experience for consumers.

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