Philips Sound: new headphones, soundbars and Philips Fidelio Home Sound products

Berlin, August 31st, 2022

Exceptional performance quality and great flexibility combine to make Philips Sound products the easy solution

New headphones, soundbars and Philips Fidelio Home Sound products give the widest customer choice and excellent performance but always remain easy-to-use

  • Home Sound Made Easy: Easy system installation and AV system building throughout the Philips AV and TV ranges – based on DTS Play-Fi 24-bit/192khz multi-room connectivity and control via the intuitive Philips Sound App.
  • Unique Fidelio FS1 speaker joins recently launched – EISA Award winning – FB1 soundbar and FW1 subwoofer and can be used as a three-way mono speaker, or paired in stereo, or as a Dolby Atmos satellite speaker.
  • FS1 speaker can also work as the extended left & right channels when connected to a compatible Ambilight TV working as the centre audio channel.
  • Integrated LED lights allow the FS1 speaker to extend the immersive effect of Ambilight further into the room.
  • New range of four Philips soundbars – TAB8907/8507/7807 and 7207 – all offer superb performance and specification to suit a wide range of AV options.
  • A7607 open-ear, bone conduction headphones are the second dedicated sports model to enjoy input from Team Jumbo Visma athletes.
  • Bone conduction technology extended to innovative K4607 dedicated kids’ headsets – so the young ones remain aware of their environment while learning.
  • High quality H8507 headphones offer superb quality for work & for play… at home or on the commute.

TP Vision is unveiling a wide selection of Philips Sound’s headphones, soundbars and speakers, all with premium performance plus easy control and installation via the Philips Sound app.

New AV products include four new Philips soundbars plus the versatile new Fidelio FS1 speaker while in headphones, three new models, each targeted at a specific audience, extend the flexibility of the Philips Audio range with a new bone conduction sports model, a new dedicated kids’ bone conduction headset and a high-quality home/commuter headphone for both work & play.

Flexible Philips Fidelio

The new Fidelio Home Sound System has already won critical acclaim, from both cinephiles and music lovers, with the 7.1.2 specified FB1 model having recently won the EISA 2022/23 Integrated Soundbar Award.

The new FS1 speaker joins the FB1 soundbar and FW1 subwoofer in offering the same combination of premium design, materials and performance with easy installation and complete flexibility for system building.

The FS1 speakers’ specification includes a 1” tweeter, a top mounted angled 2.5” driver, a 3.5” woofer – with two passive radiators – plus LED lighting for Ambilight onboard – all within its compact enclosure.

Uniquely, the FS1 can be used as a three-way speaker – either as a single unit or in a stereo pair – thanks to the inclusion of a tweeter, mid-range driver and bass driver or automatically switched to two-way mode plus a dedicated Dolby Atmos driver when used as an AV system satellite.

The FS1 speaker can also be used as the extended left and right audio channels when paired with a compatible Ambilight TV working as the centre channel maintaining accurate dialogue while greatly extending the sound stage.

Based on award winning high-quality DTS® Play-Fi® multi-room technology, the Fidelio AV system offers multiple possible variations of the FB1 soundbar, FW1 subwoofer & FS1 speaker, up to a combination offering 7.2.4 performance with the system always automatically detecting the included products and optimising their performance.

A soundbar to suit all scenarios

The new Philips Sound Soundbar range includes four models from the 2.1 based B7207 up to the 3.1.2 B8907, giving the widest possible options for enhancing TV sound.

All of the new bars offer high power outputs, wireless subwoofers, the option of wall mounting, and all include side-firing tweeters added to the left & right channels for the first time. The top three soundbars in the range include a dedicated centre channel – for maintaining crystal clear dialogue while also creating an extra wide sound stage – Dolby Atmos compatibility and HDMI eARC connectivity with 4K pass through.

Top model in the new sound bar range is the B8907 which includes an impressive power output of 720W plus dedicated Dolby Atmos elevation drivers to create a truly cinematic immersive sound while DTS Play-Fi connectivity allows the 3.1.2 performance to be extended to a genuine 5.1.2 delivery via the addition of DTS Play-Fi compatible rear speakers.

Next in the range is the B8507 soundbar which is the ideal complement to the Philips ‘The One’ TV and follows a similar concept of including all the essential features and connectivity in combination with excellent sonic performance and at a very competitive price. The B8507 includes both Dolby Atmos and DTS Play-Fi compatibility plus a high-power output of 600 Watts.

Third of the 3.1 Soundbars is the B7807 again featuring a dedicated centre channel, additional side firing tweeters, an 8” wireless sub, Dolby Atmos compatibility, Philips Easylink control and an impressive 620 Watts output.

Final model in the new range is the 2.1 based B7207 offering 520 Watts max power output, Dolby Digital compatibility, HDMI ARC connectivity and additional side firing tweeters to make it the ideal introduction to seriously enhanced TV sound.

New headphones – Joining the team

The new A7607 open-ear, bone conduction wireless sports headphones is already second model – following the already announced and soon to be launched A7507 TWS hybrid ANC model – to be influenced by Philips Sound’s partnership with Team Jumbo Visma, with the final design inspired by the insight of the athletes from the world’s leading cycling and skating team.

The IP66 rated dust and water resistant A7607 is the first Philips open-ear model to include a bone conduction microphone to virtually eliminate wind and other annoying background noises, making calls on the go always crystal clear.

Playtime is an impressive nine hours with extra hour available after just 15 minutes of charging via the moisture proof magnetic charging port.

The open-ear design provides both excellent music performance plus the safety of being able to hear the environment around you – while an integrated red LED strip in the neck band gives the user the additional security of being more visible at night.

For Kids too

Philips Sound is already a prominent supporter of open-ear, bone conduction headphones and with the launch of the new K4607 model is recognizing that the technology is perfect for a dedicated Kids headset too.

The K4607’s completely open-ear design protects sensitive ears from high volumes and allows kids to both hear their immediate surrounding environment and hold conversations – possibly with their parents! – while allowing them to continuing with their listening, which can include remote learning thanks to a built-in microphone.

Bluetooth 5.2 guarantees excellent connectivity and ensures good sound quality and battery life with over five hours of playtime. The open-ear design and adjustable neckband also combine to give good and secure fit without usual risk of loose or lost headphones as the kids move around. A volume limiter and App control guarantees safe usage with remote monitoring of how the product is being used.

Hybrid – work & relax

The H8507 has been designed for the many consumers who seem to have settled into a new hybrid way of working, both commuting but also spend time working from home and they want one headphones to be the answer to better work…. and entertainment.

Exceptional, warm, rich and clear sound quality is available for both call quality – and music or movies – thanks to bespoke 40mm drivers and the Noise Cancelling Pro system. While a detachable boom mic means people will hear you with perfect clarity too.

A pre-connected Bluetooth dongle allows an easy swap between computers while multipoint allows connection to both your computer and phone at the same time, for easy switching between music and calls and without having to reconnect.

Battery life is a generous 55-hours and an optional red light lets family or colleagues know you’re busy on a call.

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