4 Red Dot Design Awards for TP Vision’s Philips TV & Sound products

Amsterdam, April 12th, 2021

The very best of European Design is an essential part of TP Vision’s core business philosophy for its Philips TV & Sound portfolios, and has once again led to the company winning the highest professional recognition with the Red Dot Awards bestowing four awards for outstanding product design.

All seven of the products have been created by TP Vision’s Amsterdam based dedicated European Design team. Philips branded 2021 Red Dot award winners include:

  • The premium, high-end Philips OLED806 TV – communicating the ultimate performance through unique, minimalist design and the incorporation of ‘real’ materials.
  • The Philips Performance Series Philips 8506 LED – using design to express product performance, lightness and quality while simplifying consumer choice.
  • Philips Fidelio T1 true wireless headphones – designed to bring premium performance and materials to the TWS category.
  • Philips T8506 ANC TWS earphones – adapting European Design to create new balance and proportion while emphasising purpose and performance.

Other Philips branded products to win a Red Dot Product Design Award includes the 16B1U3300, 24B1D5300 and 34E1N7900 monitors.

For more than 60 years, the Red Dot awards have been recognising the best in product design in terms of functionality, quality, ergonomics and innovation, plus more recently durability and ecological compatibility. All factors leading to the awards becoming one of the most sort after international distinctions for outstanding design.

2021 saw more 5,500 products submitted, from companies large & small and from all over the world. Products are judged based on nine attributes by an independent panel of 50 International professionals in session lasting over several days

Commenting on the new awards, Rod White, Chief Design Officer for TP Vision said:
‘Once again I’m very honoured that our focus on having a dedicated European based design team and a unique approach to creating our own design language has received the highest recognition from the professional design community. We take a longer-term view on a products’ appeal to the consumer, believing that its relevance should remain consistent throughout the products’ life. Winning the Red Dot Awards is the ultimate accolade for our approach.’


For 2021 the core OLED product heightens the promise of both leading performance and a premium experience.

Improved picture performance is enhanced by unique Philips four-sided Ambilight technology to give the ultimate viewing experience. The lower side of the Ambilight feature can be turned off when the TV sits on the table, if wished.

To cater for different interior needs the OLED806 stands offer a personal choice of either a light or a dark aluminium end. Simply decide which finishing you want to see when setting up at home.
The Philips branding is applied subtly on whichever end of the stand you chose.

The remote control has a seamless key design in silver, wrapped in black Scottish Muirhead leather, giving a tremendous feeling of quality in the hand.

8506 LED TV

Already established as a firm favourite with the consumer, the Performance Series has taken a step forward in design in 2021.

TP Vision has introduced a three-sided edgeless panel allowing the sets’ three-sided Ambilight feature to seamlessly extend the on-screen content.

The Philips branding sits asymmetric on the brushed metal lower bezel while a new stand archetype has been created via an open neck aluminium stand, angled to the table in order to visually capture the lightness of the TV.

Fidelio T1 True Wireless headphone

The new Philips Fidelio True wireless headphones are the epitome of premium performance and user experience.

On picking the case up the sense of quality is immediate thanks to the feel of the Scottish Muirhead leather top wrap with its etched Philips brand.

The simple geometric design approach to the case returns in the intuitive design concept of the earbuds. The holding circle contains the branding while the brushed metallic detailing on the main body surface adds a sense of finesse.

T8506 True Wireless headphone

The T8506 is designed using TP Vision’s European Design principles.

The concentric circle design adheres to the need for balance and proportion that expresses the product’s inherent purpose. The outer circular frame makes using the product intuitive while the main surface has a subtle colour difference which gives space and focus to the discreet, asymmetric Philips branding.

The same colour returns on the charging case which has a contrasting brush detailing on the inside surface.

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