4 Red Dot Design Awards for Philips TV & Sound

Amsterdam, April 6th, 2022

Four 2022 Red Dot Product Design Awards highlight Philips TV & Sound continued commitment to offering outstanding European design

TP Vision’s continued focus and commitment to offering outstanding European design has been professionally acknowledged once again with the company’s Philips branded range of TV & Audio products winning four awards for outstanding product design in the 2022 Red Dot Awards.

The four awards have been shared across seven new products each created by TP Vision’s dedicated European Design team based in Amsterdam.

Philips branded 2022 Red Dot award winners include:

  • Philips Ambilight TV OLED+ 907 – minimalist design with natural materials including Kvadrat acoustic fabric wrapping the integrated Bowers&Wilkins sound solution, a dark satin aluminium swivel stand and Muirhead leather wrapped remote control. Combined with outstanding picture and sound quality to redefine premium TV.
  • Philips Ambilight TV OLED+ 937 – Kvadrat wrapped Bowers&Wilkins sound base, dark satin aluminium detailing, 4 sided Ambilight, Muirhead leather wrapped remote control. Visually integrating the ultimate picture and sound quality to define a new reference for ultimate performance TV.
  • Philips Fidelio wireless home sound products with outstanding performance for movies and music, featuring natural materials including metal speaker mesh with Muirhead leather detailing.
  • Philips Sports Bluetooth speakers – extending the concept of rugged, stylish and great sounding outdoor products from headphones to portable audio in 2 sizes with 2 different colour offerings.

For more than 60 years, the Red Dot awards have been recognising the best in product design in terms of functionality, quality, ergonomics and innovation, plus more recently durability and ecological compatibility. All factors leading to the awards becoming one of the most sought after international distinctions for outstanding design.

The 2022 awards saw more than 5,500 products submitted, from companies large & small, from all over the globe. Products are judged based on nine attributes by an independent panel of 50 International professionals in a session lasting several days.

Commenting on the new awards, Rod White, Chief Design Officer for TP Vision said:
“The Red Dot Awards are amongst the highest accolades that the professional design community can bestow and to win such an award is a natural highpoint of our year. I’m delighted that once again Red Dot Awards has acknowledged our unique approach to consumer electronics product design. We consciously avoid focusing on superficiality and try to create something that will retain and grow the customer’s pride of ownership from the point of purchase and throughout the product’s life”.

Philips Ambilight TV OLED+ 907

2022 is the fifth year of Philips TV’s partnership with audio specialist Bowers & Wilkins on our premium TV’s and together with the OLED+ 907 the two companies have created a big step forward in the scope of the OLED+ range.
Where typically OLED+ models communicate both outstanding picture and sound performance, the OLED+ 907 still offers fantastic Bowers & Wilkins sound but fully integrated below the screen in a Kvadrat fabric wrapped sound unit together with a subwoofer carefully embedded into the backcover.

For 2022 we have created a new more acoustically transparent fabric together with Kvadrat for heightened audio quality.

Our European Design partnership strategy continues into the Remote Control where Muirhead leather wraps the sides and rear surface to allow users to feel the quality in hand.

The surprisingly small stand footprint in satin dark metal is achieved by having a non-visible rear stability bar which allow the TV to swivel for a great user experience.

Philips Ambilight TV OLED+ 937

Philips Ambilight TV’s flagship launch for 2022 is the OLED+ 937 which visually represents reference quality performance through its physically separated Bowers & Wilkins sound system that also forms an integrated part of the TV’s stand.

The OLED+ 937 features the same building blocks as those brought into the OLED+ 907 with a new Kvadrat audio fabric and Muirhead leather wrapped Remote Control as the starting point of its design.

Four sided Ambilight and the detailing externally and acoustically internally set the OLED+ 937 apart.

For 2022 the sound system has added, on top of upfiring Atmos speakers, side firing drivers visualized by the angled metal speaker plates. The detailing of the holes in the plan echo the central exposed tweeter mesh which is a reference to the Bowers & Wilkins own speaker detailing. The finishing on all metal parts are a move away from full chrome with a satin aluminium finish to easily fit into modern homes.

Philips Fidelio wireless Home Sound products: Fidelio Soundbar FB1, Fidelio Subwoofer FW1 and the Fidelio Wireless speaker FS1

For 2022 the new Philips Fidelio wireless Home Sound range offers beautiful individual objects that also integrate as a family, system of products that can cater for all user needs. The range can be bought individually or can combine as part of an extensive home cinema set up easily connecting via PlayFi wireless technology.

The design of all elements of the range is based around discrete quality in order not to defocus attention from the TV screen content.

A dark metal mesh wraps the speaker surfaces. The angled top surface on the FS1 satellite speaker denotes the Atmos upfiring speaker and the brand’s European Design brand promise is in evidence in the Muirhead leather wrapped chamfer that runs around the top edge of each product as well as the control island on the FB1 Soundbar in order for the user to feel the quality at their fingertips.

Philips Sports Bluetooth Speaker S4807 and S7807

Having launched GO Headphones in 2021 Philips TV & Sound has been working on a range of fully outdoor BT Speakers to extend the GO family.

Available in both black & red and light grey & yellow, the design has unique protection caps and recessed colour accents speaker holes to give a modern yet robust sound solution for outdoors. The colour accents extend the metal detailing and fabric strap.

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