2024 Philips Sound range

Barcelona, January 23rd, 2024

Solar charging, smaller form factors & sustainability

Philips Audio/Video range presents real innovation – with the same great audio performance

  • A6219 on-ear GO headphones feature Powerfoyle technology to offer solar charging indoors and out – and an 80-hour playback time.
  • A6709 is the GO range’s new open-ear sports headphone, created with the tiny form factor of a TWS model.
  • H6509 – over-ear headphone has automatic Bluetooth connection and very low latency when used with a Philips Titan OS equipped Ambilight TV.
  • Headphones continue at the vanguard of TP Vison’s sustainability campaign with the new A6219’s construction featuring 35% recycled plastics.
  • Three new sound bars will be launched in 2024 – the B6309, B5309 & B5109 – all with low profiles & great design, high power and immersive, room filling sound.
  • The Dolby Atmos equipped TAB6309 is the perfect fit for any Ambilight TV, including ones with lower stands, being just 37mm high while still offering a powerful, cinema style, full range performance.

A6219 – Always charged and ready for sports on the Go

The A6219 on-ear GO sports headphone features Powerfoyle solar-cell technology to recharge, using both indoor artificial light and outdoor sunlight to provide virtually endless battery life – 80 hours playing time for the A6219 – and removing the need to connect to the grid or replace batteries.
The A6219 also now features 35% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics in its construction as part of a long term process that has seen headphones take a lead role in TP Vision’s company wide, industry leading, sustainability programme.
Headphone packaging already uses between 90 and 100% recycled cardboard, in plain brown and using soya based ink – rather than full colour boxes. Inner trays are switched to paper pulp/cartons and with a reduction in overall volume to downsize boxes by approximately 40%.
The solar cell used by the A6219 is also manufactured in an environmentally friendly environment, being made using 100% renewable energy in Exeger owned factories that emit no toxic emissions.
Users can monitor charging progress via the Philips Headphone App but adding solar charging hasn’t impacted on the A6219’s ability to be a great sports headphone.
Weight has been kept to a minimum and the headphones remain rugged in operation with an IP55 rating making the A6219 it water, sweat and dust proof.
Comfort is also maintained thanks to soft, washable, breathable fabric covers for the ear cups, that are also gel filled to keep ears cool on a long run.
The A6219 sounds great to thanks to the use of the Philips natural sound profile – originally debuted on the Fidelio range – recreated via newly developed 40mm drivers and with the option of a switchable dynamic bass boost feature.
Calls are also crystal clear thanks to an AI equipped microphone.

A6709 – Sports is at its best out in the open

Open headphones are an increasingly popular segment of the market thanks to their combination of great audio performance while also allowing sporty users the safety of also being able hear the outside world.

The only issue to date is that Open headphones have been slightly larger when compared to the hugely popular TWS earbuds.

The new A6709 GO headphones combine the best of both worlds, offering all the benefits of Open headphones but in a TWS form factor. The A6709 offers a true open acoustic design that allows the user to be alert to surroundings while also keeping the ear canal dry and clean.

A rubberized design makes the A6709 great for energetic sports with the headphones rated as IP55 sweat proof.
Sound quality is also great thanks to precision ports precisely directing the sound from the drivers into the ear while an innovative dipole design minimizes the overall spread of sound, enhancing directivity while reducing unwanted sound leakage.

Call quality is great thanks to the inclusion of two AI equipped mics with noise-cancelling for background noise.

Battery life is also excellent with 28 hours (7 hours +21 from the charging case) play time, and with a quick charge of 15 minutes giving a one-hour playback.

H6509 – Making it great to also stay indoors

The whole of Philips’ introductory and mid-range wireless headband headphone series will be renewed in 2024 with the focus on creating more value for money with improved sound quality and much longer battery life – almost doubling with some models.

The top model in the mid-range is the new H6509 that includes the Hybrid Noise Cancelling Pro system at a new price point, in a light weight, over-ear design with the emphasis on comfort and offering great sound quality thanks to new 40mm drivers.

The popularity of using a good pair of headphones to listen to TV at home is also growing and for a number of reasons including, not disturbing the family or neighbours, or feeling more immersed in a movie and TV content or due to problems with hearing the subtlety of dialogue.

However, many consumers do not find it easy to connect a Bluetooth headphone with a TV and if they do manage to, they can still struggle with latency and lip-sync issues.

The headphone team has worked closely with the developers of the new Titan OS to ensure the simplest connection and best results.

A Titan equipped TV will now automatically recognize a compatible headphone – like the H6509 – when it comes near to the TV and the model will automatically ‘pop up’ and be shown on the screen with the offer of a simple connection. The integration with the Titan OS also guarantees latency at 100ms or less, to ensure a great listening experience.

Bluetooth multi-point also allows the H6509 to connect to more than one product.

The sound of the H6509 can be customised via the Philips Headphone App and battery life is an impressive 60 hrs – 40hrs with ANC on.

TAB6309 – Tiny profile, huge performance

The new TAB6309 soundbar makes the perfect partner for any Ambilight TV– even ones using a lower stand – by offering a huge cinematic sound, but without the risk of blocking any of the screen thanks to its exceptionally low profile measuring just 37mm in height. Alternatively, the soundbar can be wall mounted.

Despite the TAB6309s tiny height, the high-quality 3D immersive and spacious performance is truly room filling thanks to both Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X compatibility in a 2.1 system with a mighty 320W max-power output. The powerful wireless sub-woofer is also ultra-compact and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.

Connectivity is excellent with HDMI eARC, optical, Aux-in and USB playback, while Philips EasyLINK system allows you to control your Philips TV and soundbar with one remote.

Wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio support – to offer a more robust connection with better sound quality and less latency.

The TAB6309 can also be customised via the Philips Home Entertainment App – or remote control – with four EQ modes and a Dialogue Enhancement mode.

The second new soundbar in the 2024 range is the TAB5309 which is also compact thanks to its mid-size 766mm width. Performance is still as equally room filling as a full width product thanks to compatibility with DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Digital Plus and a high 240W max-power output into a 2.1 system with a powerful compact wireless subwoofer.

Connectivity includes HDMI ARC, optical Aux-in and USB, while wireless connection includes Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio support.

Finally, for people wanting cinema sound in smaller rooms or just wanting to significantly improve their TV sound, the third new model is the TAB5109.

The TAB5109 is a compact 2.0 system – measuring 766mm wide – with 120 Watts max power output and compatibility with DTS Virtual X and Dolby Digital Plus.

Connectivity includes HDMI ARC, optical Aux-in and USB, while wireless connection includes Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio support.

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