2023 Philips Ambilight TV range

Amsterdam, February 7th, 2023

7th GEN P5 processor to power new Philips OLED+, OLED, ‘The Xtra’ Series and ‘The One’ Ambilight TV’s

Philips Ambilight TV range flagship OLED+908 set to feature latest META OLED panel

  • 7th Gen P5 AI offers more power and improved Ambient Intelligence for OLED models.
  • Flagship Philips OLED+908 features META technology for 2100Nit performance plus 80W integrated 3.1 Bowers &Wilkins frontal sound system.
  • A three-sided version of the Philips Ambilight system will be featured ‘The Xtra’ MiniLED and ‘The One’ LED sets while the OLED808 series and above will include the sophisticated ‘Next Gen’ version.
  • Philips OLED808 series continues to include OLED_EX panels – plus adds 42” model.
  • New ‘The Xtra’ series – for sets positioned just below the OLED models – launches with two MiniLed TVs including the 9308 with an integrated 64W Bowers & Wilkins 2.1 frontal sound system.
  • Two new versions of the hugely successful Philips ‘The One’ range – the 120Hz 8808 series and the 60Hz 8508 series.
  • More intuitive and personalised Google TV OS to replace Android TV on 2023 OLED TVs & The One LCD sets.
  • Improved and enhanced TP Vision developed Smart TV experience to feature on new ‘The Xtra’ Series models.
  • Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz support – on all models from the 8808 Series and 2023 OLED models to guarantee the optimum gaming performance.

Whatever content consumers want to enjoy in 2023, whether its movies, sports or gaming, TP Vision will offer the best performance experience thanks to a wide range of new premium Philips OLED, ‘The Xtra’ Series models and LCD Ambilight TV sets – all powered by the new 7th Gen P5 processor.

Philips OLED+908 – Flagship shines the light

Available in Autumn 2023 – in 55”, 65” and 77” sizes – the OLED+908 features the latest META OLED panel with the additional power of the 7th Gen P5 AI processor, an integrated Bowers & Wilkins sound system and a three-sided Next Gen Ambilight system, all combining to offer a uniquely immersive, exceptionally high-quality viewing experience.

The new META OLED panel uses a Micro Lens Array layer and a META brightness boosting algorithm to offer a potential peak light output of 2100 Nits, representing an increase of 70% while also offering a wider viewing angle and an energy efficiency improvement.

The 7th Gen P5 AI processor offers an improved V2 version of Ambient Intelligence continuing to allow the real time adjustment of the brightness, gamma and colour response of the screen to guarantee optimum performance matched to the ambient lighting conditions.

The V2 version of Ambient Intelligence uses a new XYZ light sensor that can now measure the colour temperature of light in the viewing room, so that the white point of the screen image now exactly matches the real time tint of the room’s ambient lighting.

An improved Super Resolution feature also offers exceptional edge sharpness while also creating rich detail in the main part of the enhanced screen object.

Sound quality matches the exceptional PQ thanks to the 3.1, 80W Bowers & Wilkins sound system, with six front mounted drivers firing directly at the listener in a dedicated Left, Centre, Right (LCR) arrangement – giving an extra wide sound stage with crystal clear dialogue. Deep, accurate bass is provided from a large, rear mounted subwoofer supported by four passive radiators.

As with all 2023 OLED Ambilight TVs, the OLED+908 will feature the new Google TV OS, a refined and more sophisticated version of the existing Android TV experience with a more intuitive interface and home screen, now offering a greater emphasis on personalized content and tailored recommendations.

Google TV joins a new, more intuitive user interface in the Ambilight 2023 range, offering easier access to the key settings and functions while also providing less menu overlay of the on-screen image.

The minimalist design of the OLED+908 features a super-slim dark metal bezel matched by the dark Kvadrat Audiomix cloth speaker grill and with a new black sheen, metal open frame stand. The OLED+908 also debuts a new remote control with a rechargeable battery – via USB-C – a new ‘123’ hot key to turn the backlight on and off and a motion sensor to detect when the remote has been lifted and activate the backlighting.

Philips OLED808 – Improving on the most widely admired OLED range

The OLED808 series adds a new screen size to the Ambilight TV range via the first 42” OLED model – joining the existing 48”, 55”, 65” and 77” screen sizes.

The OLED808 range brings the power of the new 7th Gen P5 AI – featuring Ambient Intelligence V2 and the new Super resolution features – and includes high-output 1000Nits OLED_EX panels, for 55” and above screen sizes, to guarantee superb picture quality.

The OLED808 – plus all of the 2023 OLED series – offers a superb, advanced gaming performance, by now adding Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz compatibility to HDMI 2.1 e-Arc, VRR support for 4K from 40Hz to120Hz at a full bandwidth of 48Gbps (444, 12 bit) FreeSync Premium and G-SYNC compatibility plus Auto Game and Auto-Low-Latency modes.

Excellent sound quality continues to be a highlight of the range thanks to an integrated 70W 2.1 sound system – 50W for the 42” – with a more accurate digital crossover precisely controlling the distribution to the two-way left and right speakers and the dedicated triple ring, rear facing bass driver – supported by four passive radiators.

The OLED808 has a razor thin, zero bezel design with an outside dark metal frame that allows a seamless connection to the more sophisticated and powerful Next Gen three-sided Ambilight system, with its increased colour detail and accuracy, to create the most immersive viewing experience.

Most versions of the OLED808 feature a new central, elegant metal satin chrome EVO swivel stand with the only exception being the 77” model which adopts new metal, flat satin chrome offset sticks.

The Google TV OS and the new UI also ensure simpler and more personalised user experience.

Philips ‘The Xtra’ Series starts by making MiniLED performance more accessible

First model in the new ‘The Xtra’ Series is the 9308 MiniLED TV which will be launched in Q3 in 55” and 65” sizes and continues to offer great performance and outstanding value.

Positioned below the Ambilight OLED models, the 9308 still offers an exceptional picture and sound performance thanks to the 7th Gen P5 processor and the inclusion of a top quality, 120Hz, 98% DCI WCG panel – producing an impressive 1000 Nits light output – and a 64W 2.1 Bowers & Wilkins Frontal Sound System.

Uniquely immersive viewing is delivered via the three-sided version of the Ambilight system while viewers can also enjoy an improved, enhanced TP Vision developed Smart TV experience.
The premium European design of the set extends to an extra-narrow metal bezel frame in a dark anthracite finish with a thin strip across the bottom of the screen in a brushed black sheen to match the finish of the open frame stand. The design is completed by the dark Kavdrat audiomix fabric for the speaker grill.

A second introductory level The Xtra MiniLED set – the 9008 series – will also be launched in 55”65 & 75” versions featuring the 7th Gen P5, a 120HZ 1000 Nits panel, powerful 40W 2.0 sound system and anthracite grey offset sticks.

Philips The One – continues to shine

The hugely successful ‘The One’ Performance Series continues to be an extremely important part of the Philips Ambilight TV range and will be upgraded with two new series in Q2 2023 – the 8808 and 8507 – with both series featuring the 7th Gen P5 processor.

‘The One’ products continue to offer the similar level of performance, European design and quality – plus key features – of a more a premium model, but at a mid-range, ultra-competitive price.

The 8808 series will offer 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”,75”and 85” screen sizes while the 8508 will be available in 43”, 50”, 55’ and 65” versions.

High quality WCG panels feature in both ranges with 120Hz for the 8808s and 60Hz for the 8508.

The 8508 60Hz panel also features DLG and HRS technology to deliver 4K 120Hz content with the motion smoothness and near sharpness of a native 120Hz panel.

Both series feature three-sided versions of the immersive Ambilight system and the new Google TV OS – plus the more intuitive UI.

The best of European design is clearly on display with both series.

The 43” – 65” 8808 features a minimal anthracite grey bezel with a brushed effect to the lower edge of the screen with the swivel EVO stand also finished in anthracite grey.

The 75” & 85” versions of the 8808 feature metal anthracite grey cut round sticks.

The 8508 series features a narrow anthracite grey bezel with a brushed effect to the lower screen side and height adjustable anthracite metal stand using grey offset sticks.

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