Philips OLED+936 wins top spot for 2021 OLED picture Quality

Amsterdam, November 18th, 2021

AV Forums readers vote Philips winner of four-way OLED shoot-out with Sony, Panasonic and LG

Exactly three years since the last shoot-out – and win for a Philips OLED – expert readers from leading site AV Forums have voted the OLED+936 the winner of a special four manufacturer TV shoot featuring the best OLED sets, from all the major TV brands.

The shootout was held in the iconic studio 2 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios with 27 AV Forums members taking part in the voting sessions and directly comparing the picture processing technologies of four of the major TV manufacturers.

The four 65” sets all use the latest, top 2021 OLED panel and included the OLED+936, the Sony A90J, the Panasonic JZ2000 and the LG G1.

All four sets were purchased from a retail store and were carefully disguised (blind) so that none of the 27 AV Forums readers were aware of which model they were voting for – to achieve a fair and neutral result free from any badge bias.

To further ensure a level playing field, the tests began with all four sets having been independently calibrated to the same standard by the expert editorial team at AV Forums – this effectively minimised the processing options and allows the base level technology differences between the brands to be highlighted.

In addition, the readers were shown a set of 11 clips in calibrated and then in Vivid/Dynamic mode, with each set of clips shown twice and the readers encouraged to change their seating position to minimise the impact of viewing angles.

The result from the calibrated section had most readers (28%) selecting that they had ‘no preference’ with similar scores for all four sets.

Next the sets were switched into ‘Vivid’ or ‘Dynamic’ mode as the mode used by each manufacturer to demonstrate the best performance of their full PQ processing suite and the one that allows a direct a comparison between each manufacturer’s PQ technology.

The results in Vivid/Dynamic mode were more pronounced with 53% of the enthusiast audience voting for the Philips OLED+ 936 followed by 22% for the Panasonic in second place.

The combined result was a win for Philips with 36% with Panasonic again in second place with 23%.

Commenting on the test result, Philips TV Director Product Strategy & Planning Danny Tack said:

‘This was a particularly tough shoot-out as all four TVs are excellent and represent the best in the market -place which makes the win for Philips all the more exciting and a true vote of confidence from very knowledgeable audience. We have now won a blind OLED shootout on five occasions, both in the UK and in Germany and the Netherlands. We are very proud that each audience could clearly see the superiority of our P5 processing engine’.

Commenting on behalf of AV Forums, editor Phil Hinton said: ‘We are delighted that Philips chose AV Forums members again as the audience for their third UK OLED shootout and all of the attendees enjoyed the event enormously. We are very impressed that a manufacturer is prepared to publicly undertake such a fair test, both blind and with sets that have been calibrated independently by ourselves. All four sets are excellent but the results on the night show that the 65OLED+936 is a most impressive OLED TV’.

The OLED+936 is available now in 48, 55” and 65” versions and is priced at £1899, £2200 and £2999 respectively.

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