Philips 2024 Ambilight TV range now on sale!

Amsterdam, June 19th, 2024

OLED, Mini-LED or LED? – the latest Philips 2024 Ambilight TV range offers the perfect choice for watching sports… and movies

Whichever model you choose, Philips TV is ready to make watching the 2024 football championships a totally immersive experience, by combining exceptional picture and sound quality with the unique Ambilight system

  • Offering the best mid-range OLED TV performance, the OLED809 Series will be available in June in 42”, 48”, 55”,65” and 77” screen sizes featuring new 8th Gen P5 AI processing, new higher light -output OLED_EX panels and three-sided Ambilight.
  • A great introduction to superb OLED quality, the OLED759 Series is launched in June in 48, 55, 65 and 77.”
  • The PML9009 new mini-LED ‘Xtra’ models are available now in 65”, 75”and for the first time as a spectacular 85” screen size – featuring the latest P5 processing, three-sided Ambilight and the innovative new Titan OS Smart TV platform.
  • The PUS8909 ‘The One’ premium LED TVs are available now in 43” 50” 55”, 65” and 75” versions
  • The PUS8079 LED series is available now in 43, 50, 55, 65 and 77” screen sizes and offers incredible value for an Ambilight TV
  • To complete the AV experience the new TAB6309 ultra-compact soundbar offers huge cinematic sound performance from its tiny profile.

TP Vision’s 2024 range of Philips TVs offers a wide choice of TV technologies with the best of OLED, mini-Led and LED all represented and with the sets featuring the company’s market leading P5 picture processing, great sound and the unique immersive experience of Ambilight technology.

Ideal for exceptional sports viewing, Philips TV is celebrating the Euro Cup 2024 by offering football fans special pricing on key models throughout the tournament – but don’t worry, movie fans not interested in football can also enjoy the same exception quality and bargain prices.

OLED809 – The highest performance from a mid-range OLED TV

The Philips OLED 800 Series has consistently proven to be one of the most popular OLED ranges thanks to its combination of Ambilight with premium PQ and audio performance in an OLED set.
Available in 42”, 48”, 55”, 65” and 77” screen sizes the new OLED809 continues to set the sector performance standard by combining the new 8th Gen P5 AI processor with new higher output OLED_EX panels – offering a peak light output of 1300 Nits – and a three-sided version of immersive Ambilight technology.
The 8th Gen P5 AI features the new Ambient Intelligence V3 feature that now optimizes HDR settings to the ambient light level and maintains an excellent HDR performance even in bright viewing conditions.
Gaming is also enhanced thanks to the inclusion of the new Game Bar, MEMC gaming and 144Hz VRR including Dolby Vision Gaming.
Excellent sound quality continues to be a highlight of the range thanks to an integrated 70W 2.1 sound system – 50W for the 42” – with a more accurate digital crossover precisely controlling the distribution to the two-way left and right speakers, plus a dedicated triple ring, rear facing bass driver – supported by four passive radiators.
The minimalist design of the OLED809 includes an ultra-thin, black metal bezel and a central, metal delta swivel stand in a satin chrome finish. Extruded metal Pill feet in Satin Chrome are featured on the 77” model.

PML9009 – An Xtra Mini-LED

Philips TV is continuing to develop its successful Mini-LED series with the launch of the PML9009 which continues the company’s Mini-LED option of offering excellent performance and outstanding value with a product performance quality sitting just below the OLED models, but above the premium LED sets.
The PML9009 will be offered in 55” 65” & 75” screen sizes and as the first Philips Mini-LED TV available as an 85” model.
The PM9009 offers an excellent performance thanks to the inclusion of the latest P5 processor combined with a top quality, 144Hz 98% DCI WCG panel – producing an impressive 1000 Nits peak light output.
Uniquely immersive TV viewing is delivered via the three-sided version of the Ambilight system, while viewers can also enjoy the improved, faster and more intuitive experience of the new Titan OS Smart TV platform.
The premium European design of the set extends to an extra-narrow metal bezel frame in a dark anthracite finish with a thin brushed strip across the bottom of the screen to match the dark anthracite of the twin metal edged arch-rise feet.

PUS8909 – ‘The One’ everyone’s very happy to choose

Philips TV’s ‘The One’ Performance Series has proven to be hugely popular with consumers who have readily bought into the simple concept of a product designed to give them a TV offering everything they could need – with the performance and key features of a high-end TV but at a competitive mid-range price.
The latest PUS8909 range is available in 43” 50”, 55, 65” and 75” screen sizes offering excellent TV picture quality thanks to the combination of the latest P5 processor with a high quality, 144Hz WCG LCD panel.
The truly immersive viewing experience is completed by the inclusion of a three-sided version of the Ambilight system.
The 8909 features a minimal anthracite grey metal bezel with a brushed effect to the lower edge of the screen with the swivel delta stand also finished in anthracite grey, with twin anthracite grey turned metal ‘pill’ feet for the 75” model.

PUS8079 – An Ambilight TV bargain

The new PUS8079 makes the perfect entry point for the Philips Ambilight TV range and is available in 43, 50, 55, 65 and 77” screen sizes.
Picture quality is excellent thanks to the inclusion of Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD processing, high-quality panels, DLED backlighting and three-sided Ambilight.
The PUS8079 also looks great thanks to a slimline matt black bezel and black sheen cut sticks for the TV stand.

TAB6309 – Tiny profile, huge, cinematic sound

The PhilipsTAB6309 soundbar makes the perfect partner for any Ambilight TV– even ones using the lowest stand – by offering a huge cinematic sound, but without the risk of blocking any of the screen thanks to its exceptionally low profile, measuring just 37mm in height.
Despite the TAB6309s diminutive height, its high-quality 3D immersive and spacious performance is truly room filling thanks to both Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X compatibility all in a 2.1 system with a mighty 320W max-power output.
For maximum convenience, the powerful wireless sub-woofer is also ultra-compact and can be conveniently positioned either horizontally or vertically.

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