New Philips Sound Sports ranges

Amsterdam, January 27th, 2022

Philips Sound Goes for it!

TP Vision adds new models and new categories to the Philips Sound Sport ranges

  • Philips A7507 TWS headphones offer a unique hybrid combination of high-quality graphene coated drivers for superb sound quality and bone conducting technology to ensure crystal clear calls, even in windy and noisy environments.
  • A7507 features an adjustable ANC Pro system with active wind noise reduction.
  • Philips S4807 and S7807 Bluetooth speakers are the perfect companion for all sport activities. They are dust and waterproof with a rugged double layer rubber finish in either stylish black & red or white & yellow.
  • Each speaker can be paired with a second set to produce true stereo sound.
  • Partnership with Team Jumbo Visma allows the experience of professional athletes to influence new designs.

TP Vision has enjoyed great success with the Philips Sound Sport Series as part of the company’s ambitious strategy to be the leading premium brand for dedicated Sports Headphones. Under the umbrella of the GO concept, the series feature a range of headphone models each designed to add extra enjoyment to active lifestyles or athlete’s workouts thanks to their combination of comfort, ruggedness, water resistance and great sound on-the-go.

The Philips Sports headphones series will be updated in 2022 with the introduction the unique A7507 ‘hybrid’ true wireless ANC headphones plus for the first time the Series will be expanded to include Sports Audio with the introduction of the new S4807 & S7807 portable Bluetooth speakers.

The new Series has also been influenced by Philips Sound’s close collaboration – since 2020 – with Team Jumbo Visma, the world’s leading cycling and skating team. A partnership that has allowed the insight and experiences of the team’s top professionals to influence the final product design, specifications and implementation.

The A7507 TWS headphones offer exceptional sound quality whether you are training in a noisy gym, running outside, or hiking in a windy environment. This is achieved thanks to a combination of playback via large, low distortion, graphene coated drivers plus compatibility with both LDAC and AAC codecs.

A new ANC Pro system offers a choice of either complete isolation or the bypass of ambient sound, with the inclusion of a dedicated algorithm to further reduce wind noise.

The hybrid specification of the A7507 also includes bone conducting microphones to improve speech clarity and guarantee crystal clear call quality, even when running or hiking with a noisy background.

Battery life is very good with the earbuds offering eight hours of playback while fast USB-C charging offers one hour’s playback after just 15 minutes.

A further 21 hours of charge available via the product case and the A7507 ensures long-lasting comfort thanks to the inclusion of earbud stabilisers and ear-tips in a variety of sizes.

Philips S4807 & S7807 portable Bluetooth speakers.
The new Bluetooth speakers share the same design philosophy as the Philips Sports Headphones by offering ruggedness and water resistance, being comfortable and easy to carry and delivering great sound at home or out and about.

These portable speakers are designed to be taken anywhere and can be used in all conditions thanks to their dustproof & waterproof design. The rugged double-layer rubber finish is available in either Black & Red or White & Yellow stylish finishes with grey accents and an integrated, detachable lanyard.

The S7807 offers a huge, high-quality sound relative to its compact, bag friendly dimensions -104 x 104 x 280mm – thanks to the inclusion of two 20 mm tweeters and two 70mm mid/bass woofers plus a passive radiator to guarantee both deep bass and clear mid & high range sounds.

Power output is an impressive 40 Watts with a long party playtime of 24 hours. The S7807 can also be used charge your other kit by acting as a 5000mAh power bank.

The smaller S4807 – at a very compact 70 x 70 x 169mm – still packs a big sound thanks to the inclusion of a bespoke 45mm x 80mm full range driver plus two passive radiators and with 10 watts of power available for a playtime of 12 hours.

Both the S7807 and S4807 offer easy multipoint Bluetooth 5.2 connection to multiple devices and offer simple hands-free calls via push-to-talk, voice assistant activation

In addition to being rugged, powerful and easily transportable the new speakers can both also be paired with a second set to offer a larger, true stereo sound, ready to get the party started.

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