High-end European Design, OLED, New P5 Picture Processing Engine, Android M and HLG are highlights from the Philips first half 2017 TV range

Madrid, March 13, 2017 – Exceptional PQ performance, the unique immersive viewing experience of Ambilight, the best of European Design and the power of Android are all highlights of the new Philips first-half 2017 TV range.

Superb contrast performance is also guaranteed thanks to HDR10 compatibility and Hybrid Log Gamma functionality – featured on specific models from the 2017 6400 range upwards.

  • New UHD Premium OLED model offers reference quality images
  • New faster & more powerful P5 processing engine sets new picture performance standard
  • Latest Android M and Quad Core power SMART TV performance allows HDR content playback via Netflix
  • Popular ‘Visible sound’ concept reaches the 7000 and 6000 Series
  • High-end European Design features throughout the range

Outstanding OLED

The outstanding product from the first-half 2017 range is the 55POS9002 – Philips second 55” OLED TV and second UHD Premium accredited set.

The 9002, powered by the latest M version of the Android Smart TV system, features a unique combination of the new P5 picture processing engine and the 3-sided Ambilight system which, together with the pure black levels of OLED, create a new reference level for TV picture quality.

Pure black levels also allow the OLED TV to reproduce a more accurate and vibrant colour palete with the 9002 enjoying an incredibly wide colour gamut (99% DCI-P3 WCG).

The P5 picture processing engine adds to the inherent qualities of OLED by offering 25% new processing features and 25% more processing power.

The result is an overall 50% performance improvement  – in the key PQ areas of Source correction, Sharpness, Colour and Contrast – when compared to the multi-award winning Pixel Precise Ultra HD Engine.

The combination of the 9002’s 750Nit peak-light performance, wide colour gamut OLED panel and the new P5 picture processing engine will also result in the set being the second model to reach both UHD Premium certification and Philips’ exacting HDR Perfect standard – for both HDR10 and HLG content.

Sound quality is equally impressive thanks to the inclusion of Philips patented and powerful triple ring technology and DTS HD Premium Sound compatibility.

High-end European Design

The refined proportions and the use of premium materials extends to the new, brushed aluminium open frame, ‘Cradle’ central stand that provide the 9002 a floating look. The razor thin chassis and the extremely tight dimensions and fit of the OLED panel, within the super thin narrow bezel, are also hallmarks of Philips ‘visual lightness’ design philosophy.

In addition, the super-narrow bezel and razor thin chassis of the 9002 also allow a near seamless connection to the three-sided Ambilight technology, with the immersive viewing experience reaching new heights thanks to the TV’s exceptional colour vibrancy and huge contrast ratio.

2017 7000 Series

The 7000 series of ultra slim LED edge lit UHD TVs continues to be the bridge to Philips high-end sets, offering great design, real metal finishes, superb picture and sound quality at a mid-range price.

Philips is committed to having outstanding performance throughout its entire TV range, and the 7000 Series will also feature a flagship set with the introduction of the new 7502 model – available in 49” 55” and 65” screen sizes.

The new 7502 is Philips second set to feature the impressive new high-end P5 picture processing engine offering a 50% performance increase over the previous market leading Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine.

The inclusion of the P5 engine, and a wide colour gamut panel ensures superb picture quality is on offer, and with a respectable 400 Nit light output from the display, the 7502 easily reaches Philips HDR Premium standard for both HDR10 and HLG content.

Three-sided Ambilight technology connects directly to the onscreen action thanks to an ultra-narrow bezel and ensures that the viewing experience is totally immersive.

The 7502 also benefits from the best of European Design, featuring a dark brushed aluminium finish to the bezel and the elegant minimalist open frame central stand.

Philips has also managed to integrate a sleek forward firing ‘visible sound’ soundbar into the 7502’s ultra slim chassis. The soundbar combines with the unique triple ring drivers on the rear of the set – and a powerful 45W amplifier – to produce a wide stereo soundstage with deep bass, wide stereo separation and perfect clarity.

The other sets in the 7000 series include the 49” and 55’ 7272 and the 43” 7202 models.

Both models included Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD Engine featuring Perfect Natural Motion and Micro Dimming Pro technology.

High brightness – 400 Nit – panels and HDR10 functionality combine to give an excellent contrast performance easily reaching Philips HDR Plus standard.

Powerful 20 watt sounds systems and DTS Premium Sound compatibility guarantee the sets have the sound quality to match the on-screen images.

Philips unique Ambilight technology ensures that all 7000 sets can give a totally immersive viewing experience with the 7272 models offering a 3-sided version and the 7202 offering 2-sided Ambilight.

Premium European Design extends to the super narrow real metal bezel and the classic Arch stand.

All the new 7000 series sets are powered by the latest M version of the Android Smart TV system allowing HDR content playback from Netflix. The new OS is runs on quad-core processor and 16GB of internal memory – with the option to add more memory after connecting external HDD.

6400 series

The 2017 Philips 6400 series also features a flagship model with the launch of the 6482 available in 49’ and 55” screen sizes.

The 6482 offers a specification normally reserved for far more expensive models including 3 sided Ambilight and a high brightness – 400 Nit – wide colour gamut panel, plus 14-bit colour processing  helping the set reach Philips HDR Premium status.

Picture quality from all sources remains super sharp, with natural, vivid colours and smooth motion thanks to the Pixel Plus Ultra HD Engine featuring the Micro Dimming Pro system.

The premium feel also extends to the 6482’s European Design with ultra slim chassis and bezel finished in a stylish light silver.

Philips has again managed to integrate a sleek forward firing ‘visible sound’ soundbar into the 6482, which combines with rear mounted patented double ring drivers and a powerful 25 Watt amplifier to produce a huge impactful sound with deep bass, wide stereo separation and excellent clarity.

Next in the 2017 6400 Series are the 6432 – available in 49” and 55” screen sizes – and the 6412 – 43”, 49”, 55” and 65” both feature Philips powerful Pixel Plus Ultra HD engine and Micro Dimming Pro for super sharp images, vivid but natural colours and smooth motion.

All 6400 UHD products – below the 6482 – also have excellent contrast, reaching Philips HDR Plus standard for HDR10 content.

Sound quality is also impressive thanks to powerful 20Watt amplifiers with 6412 sets also featuring Philips patented triple ring technology to offer deep bass and clear detail.

The 6432 and 6412 models are all ultra slim designs with narrow bezels finished in stylish silver and also feature 2-sided versions of the unique Philips Ambilight system. The 6432 features Philips popular ‘Pinch’ feet while the 6412 models have the stylish open frame, ‘Cradle’ stand.

The final product in the 2017 range is the 32” 6402 Full HD model.

All 6400 products are powered by the latest M version of the Android Smart TV system which now allows HDR content playback from Netflix. 6482 and 6412 sets come with 16GB of internal memory and the 6432 and 6402 offering 8Gb with the option to extend all of the sets via external memory.

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