AOC Sound Bluetooth speakers now available in Poland

Amsterdam, June 13th, 2024

TP Vision confirms launch of AOC sound products in Poland

  • SPEAKER O1, SPEAKER O2 portable wireless speakers and the SPEAKER O3 party model to be available in Poland from June 2024.
  • AOC range will be available exclusively online – initially available via Media Expert.
  • The AOC Speakers are being promoted through the themes of music and dance including via AOC’s sponsorship of the Red Bull Dance Your Style global competition – with the latest event to be held in Warsaw on June 14-16th
  • The AOC speaker launch will also be supported by Polish and FC Barcelona football legend Robert Lewandowski. A special FC Barcelona edition of the SPEAKER O1 can also be purchased via the club’s official shops.
  • All AOC Sound products will focus on offering a market leading mix of extra wide stereo sound, enhanced connectivity and sustainability.
  • Innovative marketing communication will be focused on targeting on a new and mainly younger audience and focused on the core values of Togetherness, Enjoyment and Connection

TP Vision has confirmed that the innovative range of AOC Sound products will launch in Poland in June, with the launch celebrated through the products prominent placing at the latest AOC Sound sponsored Red Bull Dance Your Style event in Warsaw on June 14- 16th.

The new AOC range will initially focus on three portable wireless models each offering an extra wide but authentic and detailed stereo sound from a single speaker – calling on the input of TP Vision’s award-winning in-house team and their proven, award winning expertise in design, sound quality, product engineering and manufacturing.

Sustainability will also be a key hallmark of all AOC Sound products. The first three speakers include 70% recycled plastics and are all particularly robust with an easy clean metal mesh to guarantee long-life performance and ownership. The SPEAKER O1 and SPEAKER O2 are IPX67 water, dust and sand proof for extra durability – IPX4 waterproof for the SPEAKER O3 – and all three products are supplied in plastic free eco-packaging using single colour soy-based ink.

The AOC Sound launch has also attracted the support of Polish, FC Barcelona football legend Robert Lewandowski. A special team colours version of the SPEAKER O1 is also available as part of TP Vision’s sponsorship of FC Barcelona and is exclusively available via the club’s official shops.

SPEAKER O1 – True wide stereo sound in the palm of your hand

The SPEAKER O1 is the smallest speaker in the new range – measuring 71 x 182 x 71mm (W x H x D) and weighing just 670g – but while the SPEAKER O1 is compact, it still offers the same extraordinary wide stereo sound of the larger speakers in the range.

The design of the SPEAKER O1 includes a hexagonal shaped enclosure to reduce sound reflections from parallel surfaces. Three drivers are used to deliver an exceptionally wide but accurate and detailed stereo image, made possible by mounting the 22mm soft dome tweeter on the top front face of the speaker and two full range 50.8 mm custom drivers left & right at either end of the enclosure.

An active crossover and powerful 90W Max three-channel amplifier deliver a single feed to the tweeter and a stereo feed to the full range drivers.

The twin full range drivers guarantee a deep bass delivery while the closed box design ensures bass is always fast and detailed. Spatial audio extends well beyond the confines of the enclosure to give the sonic impression of an overall much bigger product.

SPEAKER O1 can easily pair with any of the AOC other speaker models while a PartyLink feature lives up to its name by allowing up to 100 speakers to be linked together. And for even larger stereo sound two SPEAKER O1’s can be paired together.

Bluetooth multipoint allows the simultaneous connection of up to two users who can each select play, switch or share while Bluetooth version 5.3 promises a faster & more stable pairing and a longer battery life of up to 12 hours for the SPEAKER O1.

SPEAKER O2 – Hi-Fi System sound from a single backpack sized unit

The SPEAKER O2 is the larger portable wireless speaker measuring 131 x 291 x 131mm (W x H x D) and weighs 2.25kg.

SPEAKER O2 uses the same hexagonal design to minimise internal parallel surfaces but in a bass reflex configuration. The larger body has allowed the fitting of a 22 mm tweeter on the front face of the speaker plus two 82.55 mm full range L&R custom drivers at either end of the enclosure and two passive radiators on the top and lower sides.

A powerful 130W Max three channel amplifier delivers one channel to the tweeter and a stereo feed to the L&R drivers. Dynamic EQ with adaptive bass boost ensures the bass performance is always optimised to all genres of music and all environments.

The speaker’s configuration again allows for an extra wide and detailed stereo plus very deep detailed bass performance with the spatial sound effect extending well beyond the enclosure to give the impression of a much bigger product. For an even larger stereo effect two SPEAKER O2’s can be paired together.

Highly efficient Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity ensures an excellent battery life of an impressive 24 hours, while the SPEAKER O2 can also be used as a powerbank to charge other mobile devices via the integrated USB-C port.

Bluetooth multipoint and PartyLink guarantee that the great sound quality can easily be shared.

SPEAKER O3 – A transportable speaker that’s ready to party

SPEAKER O3 has all the presence and power to get any party started – as a single unit, as a stereo pair or even as one of 100 AOC speakers joined via the PartyLink feature.

Measuring in at 311 x 330 x 330mm (H x W x D) and weighing 7.26kgs, the AO3 can be powered from the mains or alternatively for 12 hours via the built-in battery and can easily be carried from room-to-room, taken to the beach or handily placed at the centre of the BBQ party.

SPEAKER O3’s hexagonal body has the space a front firing 165mm mid-range driver, two 50mm tweeters – based on the side faces – a dedicated 6.5” woofer and two large passive bass radiators.

A 160W Max amplifier ensures huge sound that always remains clear and controlled and with a mighty bass performance, while an integrated LED multi-coloured light flashes to the rhythm of the music to enhance the party feel.

Bluetooth version 5.3 ensures a fast, robust and efficient connection for to up to two users simultaneously.

Alternatively, there are two mic inputs plus an echo and fader effect and switching for male/female voices all to guarantee the SPEAKER O3 can deliver the perfect karaoke experience.

SPEAKER O3 also offers complete party convenience, working as a power bank for mobile devices via a wireless QI panel on top of the product, plus there are three handy integrated can holders while the speaker also has IPX4 waterproof status – just in case!

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