Two new OLED+ models added to the Philips 2022 Ambilight TV range

Berlin, August 31st, 2022

Two new OLED+ models and a new Mini-LED set are the highlights of the Philips 2022 Ambilight TV range

TP Vision demonstrates its commitment to outstanding picture and sound quality through new high-performance Philips OLED and Mini-LED TVs

  • Range topping OLED+937 TV available in 65” & 77” sizes – with 65” the winner of the 2022 EISA Home Theatre TV award.
  • OLED+937 features 6th Gen Philips P5 AI Intelligent Dual Engine picture processing and a new version of Bowers &Wilkins sound system with dedicated side-firing speakers and 95W power output to create a true 5.1.2 surround performance.
  • New OLED+907 model available in 48”, 55” and 65” screen sizes and with a discrete integrated Bowers & Wilkins frontal 3.1 sound system.
  • 55”, 65”& 77” OLED+ sets use the latest OLED EX panel to deliver up to 1300 Nits peak light output.
  • PML9507 Mini-LED set features a VA panel now in 55” plus 65”and 75” screen sizes with a peak light output of 1500 Nits via a Mini-LED backlight.
  • Ambilight Next Generation debuts as a being the further tuned version of the ambient lighting technology.
  • more sophisticated version of the ambient lighting technology designed to match the on-screen images more precisely.
  • New Ambilight Aurora feature allows the TV to become a background multimedia experience through the display of pre-installed images/videos sound and immersive ambient lighting.
  • All three sets feature a customised version of the Android 11 TV OS.
  • Philips continues to support all the main HDR formats.

TP Vision will seek to move the boundaries for TV picture and sound performance once again with the launch of the new Ambilight TV range topping Philips OLED+937 while adding a second Bowers & Wilkins equipped Philips OLED+907model and a new Mini-LED set.

OLED+937 adding the plus to premium

As the flagship in the Ambilight TV range, it is only natural that the OLED+937 will continue to define what’s ultimately possible for TV picture and sound quality by offering clear improvements to both – an achievement already officially acknowledged by the 65” OLED+937 winning Home Theatre TV at the 2022 EISA Awards.

The 65” OLED+937 uniquely combines an improved version of Philips powerful AI Dual Engine processing displayed via the latest OLED EX panel, with its special heat-synk, to allow the set to offer a very impressive peak light output of 1300 Nits.

In addition to its dedicated AI features, the 2022 version of the P5 AI Intelligent Dual Engine picture processing now includes an Advanced HDR feature that uniquely optimises HDR performance by tone mapping content frame by frame rather than averaging values scene by scene.

The Bowers & Wilkins sound system has also been improved, and for the first time features dedicated left and right side-firing drivers to create a true 5.1.2 specification with an increased power output of 95W to ensure a truly room filling immersive accurate sound.

The OLED+937 is also one of the first sets to feature Philips Ambilight Next Generation technology which rather than divide the rear mounted LEDs into groups, now allows the individual control of each LED to offer a wider range of colours and a more precise match to the on-screen image.

The result is an even more immersive Ambilight performance giving an even better impression of the image extending beyond the boundaries of the screen.

A new Aurora screen fill feature combines a gallery of pre-loaded images & videos displayed together with Ambilight, to create an attractive background multimedia art show in the living room.

The OLED+937 offers an excellent gaming experience with G-sync and Free-sync Premium compatibility, the dedicated on-screen game settings bar plus a new VRR Shadow Enhancer feature designed to optimise gaming performance to the refresh rate of the panel.

The premium feel also extends to the European design of the OLED+937 with the new OLED EX panel offering a narrower bezel to offer a seamlessly transfer to the minimal metal surround of the set, and a better connection to the Ambilight halo.

The loudspeaker enclosure continues to be integrated as part of the TVs stand, and now features Kvadrat Audiomix cloth on both the top and front, with specially perforated satin metal speaker grills on each end.

A new remote control includes a motion operated backlight, a high-quality silver finish and continues with the luxurious feel of a Muirhead leather covered rear.

OLED+907 – Discrete picture & sound integration

Back by very popular demand!

The new OLED+907 follows, and greatly improves upon the hugely popular format of the original OLED+903 model by discretely integrating a Bowers & Wilkins sound system within the overall silhouette of the set.

Exceptional picture quality is also provided by a combination of the powerful 6th Gen P5 AI processing with the Royal version of the latest OLED EX panel – and integrated heat-sink – offering 1300 Nit peak light output on the 55” and 65” sets.

The immersive three-sided system offers Ambilight Next Generation performance, and the new Aurora feature.

Sound quality is also exceptional thanks to the 3.1, 80W Bowers & Wilkins sound system, with six front mounted drivers firing directly at the listener in a dedicated Left, Centre, Right (LCR) arrangement – giving an extra wide sound stage with crystal clear dialogue. Deep, accurate bass is provided from a large, rear mounted subwoofer supported by four passive radiators.

Ideal for gaming, the OLED+907 features Philips TV’s game settings bar and is both Freesync Premium and G-Sync compatible while offering 4K 120VRR playback in full resolution via monitor mode.

Premium European design includes a centrally mounted, minimalist flat-plate metal swivel stand finished in satin chrome, while the discrete sound enclosure runs the full width of the bottom of the set and is finished in Kvadrat Audiomix cloth.

The minimalist metal frame of the set enjoys a closer, seamless connection to the on-screen image and the Ambilight experience thanks to the narrower screen bezel of the new OLED EX panel.

PML9507 – Mini LED guarantees premium quality and top value

While OLED remains the choice for outright performance at the very top of the Ambilight TV range, Mini LED technology has expanded the TP Vision’s premium offering thanks to its combination of excellent picture quality and outstanding value.

Philips will expand the number of Mini-LED screen sizes with the addition of a 55” version to join 65” and 75” models.

Premium picture quality is guaranteed via the inclusion of the Philips 6th Gen P5 AI processing, and a high-quality 120Hz VA panels with an impressive 1500 Nits peak light output.

Uniquely immersive viewing is delivered via a four-sided version of the new Ambilight Next Generation system plus the addition of the new Aurora functionality to continue the in-room immersive content experience – once the main show viewing has finished.

Sound quality is equally impressive thanks to an integrated 2.1, 70W system with two pairs of down-firing tweeters, and two mid-range drivers plus a separate, triple ring subwoofer and twin passive radiators mounted in their own enclosure in the rear of the set.

The PML9507 also has the flexibility to be used as a dedicated centre channel in an expanded sound system using compatible, Play-Fi connected satellite speakers – such as the new Philips Fidelio FS1 – to widen the sound stage while dialogue remains locked to the on-screen characters.
The premium European design of the set includes a gun-metal finish, metal bezel with a narrow strip along the lower edge of the set which reduces to a minimal enclosure on the other three edges of the screen. Dark anthracite anodized brush-cut metal sticks complete the design.
Ideal for gaming, the PML9507 features Philips TV’s game settings bar, Freesync Premium compatibility and 4K 120VRR playback in full resolution via the TV’s monitor mode.

The PML9507 also includes the sophisticated and sleek, motion activated silver remote control with the luxurious Muirhead leather rear finish.

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