TP Vision to launch AOC branded sound products

Amsterdam, May 16th, 2023

TP Vision to launch AOC branded sound products featuring market leading stereo sound, connectivity and sustainability.

  • TP Vision is introducing the first AOC branded portable speakers: AOC O1, AOC O2, plus the AOC O3 party speaker. Available as of July 2023.
  • AOC is a diverse brand already associated with innovative, high quality, high value electronics and is the current global leading dedicated gaming monitor company with its ‘AGON by AOC’ portfolio.
  • These AOC products will be targeted at a new and mainly younger audience via innovative communication focused on the core values of Togetherness, Enjoyment and Connection.
  • Market leading wide stereo sound performance, connectivity and sustainability to be at heart of all AOC Sound products.
  • Speakers will follow buying habits and expectations of the target audience by being exclusively available via digital channels including
  • New speakers will play a prominent role within AOC’s global partnerships, promoting the themes of music and dance ‘on-the-go’ via events such as Red Bull Dance Your Style and Red Bull BC One.

TP Vision, the company responsible for the design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of Philips branded TVs and audio products has announced that it will partner with sister TPV Group company AOC to launch a range of AOC branded sound products targeted at typically younger audiences.

The activity will initially focus on the rapidly growing portable audio segment with the introduction of three portable speakers each offering a particularly, wide and authentic stereo sound from a single unit. The activity will also focus on the theme of music and dance ‘on-the-go’ to reach younger audiences.

AOC is a leader in display technology and is already one of the world’s most successful monitor brands AOC has already enjoyed huge success selling products into the gaming sector thanks to the popularity for the company’s range of AOC Agon dedicated gaming displays – currently enjoying the global No 1 position for gaming monitors.

The new AOC range will initially focus on three portable speakers – the compact AOC Speaker O1, the larger version AOC Speaker O2 and AOC Speaker O3 party model – each has been able to call upon the existing TP Vision teams’ proven expertise in design, sound quality, product engineering and manufacturing, with all combining to allow a rapid development process.
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A key part of the AOC experience with all three speakers is to offer superior sound performance – with deep bass and an extra wide, authentic stereo image plus advanced connectivity and sharing – including the instant switch between connected devices and multi-connection for up to 100 speakers.

Sustainability will also be a key hallmark of all AOC Sound products. The first three speakers are all particularly robust with each guaranteed to offer long-life performance and ownership while they also have among the current highest percentage of recycled materials in their construction.

To celebrate the launch of the first AOC Sound products, the new speakers will play a starring role as part of AOC’s global partnership with the ‘Red Bull Dance Your Style’ and ‘Red Bull BC One’ competitions, having prominent exposure at the events and in-event activations around the world.

As per the buying habits and preferences of the target audience, the new AOC Sound products will be available exclusively via digital channels including

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About TP Vision

TP Vision Europe B.V. is registered in the Netherlands, with its head office in Amsterdam. TP Vision is a wholly owned company of TPV Technology Limited (‘TPV’), one of the world’s leading monitor and TV manufacturers.

Founded in 2012, TP Vision is today one of the largest global players in the consumer TV and audio industries. It develops, manufactures and markets consumer electronics products and technologies that offer a superior audio and visual experience.

With a strong focus on the consumer and hospitality market, TP Vision’s product portfolio includes consumer audio products and televisions, professional displays and content operation systems. These products, and solutions, are brought to market through TP Vision’s own brand AOC, as well as the Philips brand, used under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Home to leading electronic brands and award-winning products, TP Vision employs over 2,000 people globally, with operations in Europe, Americas, Middle East, India and selected countries in Asia-Pacific.

TP Vision adds value in everyday lives and society through its expertise in product development, design, operational excellence and responsible manufacturing.

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