TP Vision launches high value Philips OLED705 TV

London, May 25th, 2021

OLED or QLED? – The AV Experts have spoken

TP Vision launches high value OLED705 as the leading AV test media in the UK show overwhelming preference for OLED TV technology

  • Launched in May the Philips OLED705 is available as 55” and 65” versions with ultra-competitive prices from £979 and £1,499 respectively
  • Award winning TP Vision’s P5 processing
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatibility
  • Excellent 50W 2.1 sound system
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS Play-Fi compatibility
  • Three-sided Ambilight feature
  • Android Smart TV

Buying a new TV can be confusing with many consumers still wanting to know which TV technology is best? OLED or QLED?

TP Vision is making that decision all the easier by launching a new high-quality, high-value OLED set – the Philips 55OLED705 & 65OLED705 – while revealing the results of its study into which technology the UK media prefers.

The leading UK product test media including: What HiFi, AV Forums, HDTVTest, Home Cinema Choice, Techradar and Stuff Magazine regularly publish reviews of new TVs but also once a year give their ultimate accolade to those sets that they consider to be the ‘best of the best’.

And, if we monitor the annual awards of the top 12 expert publications over the past two years, we can see that there is a clear, stand-out winner and that technology is – and remains – OLED.

Of the 61 awards the 12 publications have given in 2019 and 2020, a massive 79% (48 awards) have been awarded to OLED TV’s with QLED TV’s receiving just 21% (13 awards).

Fundamentally, what all 12 publications have consistently reported is that, by removing the need for a separate backlight, self-emissive OLED TVs enjoy hugely superior contrast and black levels leading to better detail plus superb, accurate colours. OLED TVs also enjoy smoother motion with much better viewing angles with the technology also allowing beautiful, ultra-slim set designs.

Commenting on the expert media’s preference for OLED TVs, Director for UK & Nordics at TP Vision, Henrik Kyhl said: ‘We have enjoyed fantastic improvements in TV performance over the past five years but consistently throughout that time OLED technology has proven to be the best and will it continue to be so for some time to come.’

So, the consumer can be confident that OLED is the winning technology but that’s not the whole story. With the launch of the new high-value OLED705 TVs, more consumers will be able to enjoy the highest quality PQ processing from our superb P5 processing suite with the unique immersive experience of Ambilight, a combination that the expert media believes gives Philips the very best OLED TV performance’.

The new 55” and 65” Philips OLED705 TV is on sale now in Curry’s, and Amazon.

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