• Augmented reality app displays the latest Philips TVs in your hotel room.
  • Provides interactive information on technology and features to support hoteliers in their purchase decision process.
  • App is free to download for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Amsterdam, 1st June, 2012 –TP Vision has launched an augmented reality app for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. With this easy-to-use AR app, hoteliers can virtually display a 3D picture overlay of Philips TVs in their hotel rooms. The picture overlay is then displayed on the smartphone’s or tablet’s screen immediately showing how a new Philips TV fits in their rooms. The app also provides direct access to the TVs’ technical details, specifications and background material such as videos explaining the benefits of the TVs’ features.

The app is free for download on Google Play and on iTunes.

App supports hoteliers’ in their purchase decision-making
“Today, TVs are not just part of a hotel room’s technical equipment but a piece of furniture that needs harmonize with the interior design”, said Wouter Staal, Senior Global Marketing Manager at TP Vision Hospitality TV. “Our augmented reality app easily helps hoteliers decide, which screen size and TV model best suits the room.” It is also an ideal tool for Philips Hospitality TV’s distributors and sales partners. “Especially owners of small hotels who still have big CRT TVs in their rooms now have an easy-to-use application that graphically shows the potential to save space with a flat hotel TV,” continued Wouter Staal.

Easy to download, simple to share
To see how the TV fits into the room the hotelier simply has to print a marker and place it in the hotel room. After selecting a new TV within the app, the smartphone’s or tablet’s display shows how the device looks in the room’s environment. To share the augmented reality view with others, the app allows easy storage, email, and sharing functionalities. The app also offers one-click access to additional information including technical details and product benefits, videos, and a direct link to local representatives.