Five Red Dot Design Awards for Philips TV & Sound

Amsterdam, June 25th, 2024

Philips TV & Sound’s dedication to exceptional European Design continues to deliver the highest acclaim, winning five Red Dot 2024 Product Design Awards

TP Vision has consistently placed outstanding European design as a core element of every Philips branded TV and audio product, and once again that policy has received professional recognition of the highest order by winning five 2024 Red Dot Product Design Awards.

TP Vision’s long-term commitment to including the outright best of European Design in their products, includes the company’s direct investment in maintaining a dedicated design team based in Amsterdam.

The result of that focus has been the consistent positive recognition, from the professional design community, from retailers and from Philips TV and Sound customers, that now includes the five new Red Dot Awards, given to key models from throughout the company’s TV and audio product ranges.

With more than 18,000 entries from 70 countries, the Red Dot Awards are one of world’s largest and most prestigious design competitions. For nearly 70 years, the Red Dot awards have highlighted the companies who want to distinguish their products and businesses by offering better design.

Accessed by an independent panel of 50 International design professionals over several days, the awards recognise the absolute best in product design, measured by a number of factors including:
functionality, quality, ergonomics, innovation, durability and ecological compatibility.

Commenting on the latest Red Dot awards, Rod White, Chief Design Officer for TP Vision said: “The vision, creativity and dedication of both our product and dedicated design teams is unique within the consumer electronics industry and continues to produce products and product design that are truly exceptional. I’m delighted that our approach continues to win the approval of our consumers, our industry and the professional design community, including the prestigious Red Dot Awards”.

Philips TV & Sound’s 2024 Red Dot award winners include:

Philips 959 OLED TV

This unique, minimal premium TV communicates exceptional picture and ATMOS sound performance thanks to the four-sided Bowers & Wilkins sound bar with side firing and directional speaker technology.

The Red Dot Awards judges commented: “Combining excellent picture quality, high-end audio from Bowers & Wilkins and sophisticated Ambilight technology, the Philips 959 OLED TV provides an immersive viewing experience….. The Philips 959 OLED TV credibly positions itself as the manufacturer’s flagship device. This applies equally in terms of technology and design”.

Philips 909 OLED TV

The 2024 Philips 909 OLED TV is designed to communicate and deliver high-end picture quality and audio reproduction, visible via the integrated Bowers & Wilkins sound enclosure. This unique TV and sound approach underpins the Philips promise of innovation through visualization of European design quality.

The Red Dot Awards judges commented: “Crafted from quality materials, the Philips 909 OLED TV effectively communicates its superior image and sound quality…… Thanks to the well-thought-out arrangement of the sound components and the slim stand, the Philips 909 OLED TV conveys a light, very elegant impression”.

Philips A5608 Bone Conduction Neckband

The A6508’s unique, standout design and CMF continues the Philips legacy of high-quality audio products and is designed to ensure a comfortable fit for longer use, in addition, the textured surface areas deliver better dexterity and grip.

The Red Dot judges commented: “Minimalism and dynamism mark the appearance of the Philips A5608. The headphones also impress with their high and secure wearing comfort during athletic activity”.

Philips Solar A6219 GO Portable Headphones

The A2619 GO model features Philips performance headphones’ signature circular ear cup and a seamlessly integrated Powerfoyle headband. The design ensures a comfortable fit for longer use, in addition, the textured surface areas deliver better dexterity and grip.

The Red Dot Awards judges commented: “The Philips Solar A6219 GO impresses as sports headphones that combines a striking appearance with high-quality sound reproduction and sustainability aspects”.

Philips B6309 Sound bar

The key design challenge with the B6309s was to create a truly immersive audio experience, in a compact looking form. Our design approach was to create a recognisable Philips visual language that underpins the Philips promise of innovation through visualization of European Design quality.

Commenting of the B6309’s selection, the Red Dot Awards judges added: “With its subtle design and compact dimensions, the Philips B6309 soundbar, along with its subwoofer, integrates excellently into modern living interiors”.

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