• Certified by Google, Philips 9100 range powered by AndroidTM provides access to the Google Play Store and has Google apps pre-installed
  • Philips 9100 range delivers superior 4k Ultra HD picture quality
  • 4-sided Ambilight provides the most immersive viewing experience and creates the illusion of a floating TV
  • A bundled wireless sub-woofer delivers a vibrant sound to further intensify the multimedia experience while gaming or watching action movies

Amsterdam, September 4th, 2014 – Today, TP Vision showcased the latest entry to the high-class range of Philips TVs featuring state-of-the-art 4k Ultra HD picture quality. It combines substantial picture processing power and state-of-the-art picture enhancement algorithms, bold design and the capabilities of Android – the world’s most popular operating system – to create an experience beyond the ordinary with a faster, more fluid user experience. The Philips 9100 range, with models of 139cm (55 inch) and 164cm (65 inches), will reach the shelves during the third quarter in Europe and Russia.

Certified Android UHD TV to enhance the Smart TV experience

All Philips 4K Ultra HD TVs powered by Android™ are certified by Google. This means that they have access to all apps, services, and content in the Google Play Store that are suitable for TVs. This complements the existing Philips Smart TV offering.

4-sided Ambilight delivers a more intense viewing experience

4-sided Ambilight in combination with the new ‘Arc stand’ creates the illusion that the Philips 9100 is floating in a halo of light. The Arc stand with chrome finish leaves an open arch below the screen. Ambilight on all four sides provides an amazingly intense and immersive viewing experience. It projects an extra-large glow of light onto the wall behind the TV.

Superior picture quality and powerful upscaling features

The Philips 9100 4K Ultra HD TV has superior picture quality features on board to meet the needs of the most demanding movie lovers. Its award-winning Perfect Pixel Ultra HD picture quality engine digitally adjusts and optimises picture quality to deliver razor sharp, detailed pictures with great depth and contrast. It also features Ultra Resolution – Philips’ upscaling solution – to display non-UHD content as detailed and sharp as if it were shot in Ultra HD. 1,000Hz Perfect Motion Rate Ultra delivers flawless moving images – playing games or watching action movies and fast paced sports events is a real pleasure on Philips 4k Ultra HD TVs. Micro Dimming Pro further optimises the contrast to display pictures with deep blacks and bright whites.

The power of vibrant sound

The Philips 9100 4k Ultra HD TVs powered by Android™ come with a wireless 50Watts subwoofer delivering full and vibrant sound. Its thin design allows it to be neatly placed out of sight.

Philips 9100 TVs are the first TVs to support Spotify Connect. With a Premium Spotify Account users can discover and browse music content on the smartphone and tablet and play the music on the TV.

Choose the most convenient way of interacting

Philips 9100’s remote control makes navigating the large screen easy. It lets users choose the way they want to communicate with their Philips TV. The pointer operates like a mouse allowing pointing, clicking, and scrolling through on screen menus. On the remote’s rear is a full keyboard for easy text entry. The remote control also enables users to control the TV via voice commands. Last but not least, the integrated camera allows gestures to be detected and they are then translated into pre-defined commands.

About TP Vision

TP Vision is a dedicated TV player in the world of visual digital entertainment. TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips branded TV sets in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and selected countries in Asia-Pacific. We do this by combining our design expertise and innovative Philips TV heritage with the operational excellence, flexibility and speed of TPV Technology. With these combined strengths, we bring high-quality TV sets to the market: smart and easy to use with sophisticated styling. We believe in creating products that offer a superior TV experience for consumers. With Philips TVs, TP Vision is a global leader in the hospitality market. TP Vision is the exclusive brand licensee of Philips TVs for the above listed countries. The TV Company is 100% owned by TPV, the world’s leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturer, selling and marketing Philips branded TVs in China. The TPV Group has been able to drive its growth over the years by leveraging its economies of scale and core competencies in R&D, manufacturing, logistic efficiency and quality. TP Vision employs close to 2,000 people in several locations around the globe.

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