New extended version of Philips AI technology brings further PQ improvements to new flagship OLED set

  • New 4th Gen P5 with AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine adds a dedicated AI chip to introduce enhanced AI PQ performance – producing the most natural, realistic and life-like images of any TV.
  • Unique ‘anti-burn-in’ technology protects the screens of flagship OLED sets
  • Enhanced AI introduces new dedicated AI machine learning sharpness feature
  • New AI Smart Bit Enhancement 2.0 mode
  • Perfect Natural Reality (PNR) feature – further improved to bring superior HDR level performance to SDR content
  • Film Maker Mode included
  • New Pure Cinema and Movie motion modes
  • Compatibility with all major HDR modes including HLG, HDR10+ & Dolby Vision
  • Latest 4thGen P5 accurately maps MAX CLL full range from 1000 Nits to 4000Nits

Amsterdam, September 1st, 2020 – Philips TV launched AI functionality earlier in 2020 in the first stage of offering improved PQ performance for its new, market leading OLED TVs; not an easy task given that the existing OLED sets had already won an incredible 80 ‘Best-TV’ reviews and awards across European media in 2019.

Now, with the new 805/855/865 models already receiving an outstanding reaction in the marketplace, Philips TV takes its next step by introducing new improved AI functionality to produce the most natural, accurate and life-like images of any TV.

Philips TV’s enhanced AI functionality will be first introduced on the company’s new flagship model – the OLED+935 – and builds upon the already exceptional AI performance of the existing OLED sets by adding the extra power of a new dedicated AI chip.

As before, the in-house developed AI functionality uses neural networks and machine learning to analyse millions of PQ test clips from a unique database created inhouse by the Philips TV development team over the past 30 years.

The AI software does not seek to simply produce even more output from each of the five pillars of PQ (source, colour, contrast, motion and sharpness) but is designed to create a better balance between them. By analysing all elements of the content, frame by frame, AI reproduces a much more realistic, natural image that no longer feels like TV but creates images that closely mirror real life.

TP Vision’s PQ experts define the system’s overall parameters which the AI software then uses to divide content into five categories: Landscape/nature, Face/skin tone, Motion/sports, Dark/contrast and Other. The AI function automatically selects the correct category and analyses all five PQ pillars, to adjust the balance between them – in order to create the most life-like image.

The OLED+935 is also the first TV to feature a new and unique anti-burn-in system designed to specifically protect OLED screens.

The unique anti-burn-in solution uses an advanced logo detection function which monitors a grid of 32400 zones to very accurately detect static content and gradually reduce the intensity of its local light output to avoid burn‐in and without compromising the output of other parts of the screen.

Philips TV’s system removes the anti-burn problem for 95% of static images including logos and gaming content.

Rather than apply one sharpness setting/level across the whole picture of the image, a new AI Machine Learning Sharpness feature to apply ‘local’ sharpness enhancement within the frame, applying different settings in specific regions of the image to ensure optimal sharpness over the whole picture.

The new AI Smart Bit Enhancement 2.0 utilises the new hardware and software of the revised 4th Gen P5 processor to solve the problem of losing detail when removing banding from very poor source content. By applying the extra processing power of the additional chip, the system can extend 8-bit video to near 14-bit precision in areas where banding occurs, resulting in smoother gradations without detail loss in other parts of the picture.

The enhanced AI system also features an AI improved version of Philips TV’s unique Perfect Natural Reality technology. The improved version of Perfect Natural Reality now converts SDR source content into an HDR‐like picture with 30% more natural sharpness thanks to a new highlight detection and enhancement feature which combines with the systems enhanced contrast to create a visibly more realistic image with deeper details, creating more depth impression especially with reflections where the picture truly comes to life.

Philips TV continues to be one of very few manufacturers to offer support for all of the current HDR formats with the new enhanced P5 AI processor offering better overall HDR performance including for HLG and both HDR10 & HDR10+ sources while also improving Dolby Vision encoded dynamic HDR content using the special “Dolby Bright mode”.

The 4th Gen P5 processor can also accurately follow and map the Maximum Content Light Level (MAX CLL) in the HDR10 metadata through the full range from 1000nits to 4000nits.

The new software also includes Film Maker Mode (FMM) which will automatically detect encoded content and will offer the viewer the option to select the mode or leave the set with its current settings.

Philips TV has also included the option of two new motion modes – Pure Cinema mode and a new version of Movie mode.

Pure Cinema mode disables frame-rate conversion while keeping frame re‐ordering active. So, a 24p movie encapsulated as a 3:2 cadence 60Hz signal will be re‐ordered into a 5:5 cadence 120Hz signal.

In the new Movie mode, a small amount of de‐judder remains active, working in combination with the ‘de‐blur’ feature, to counter the inherent blur of sample‐and‐hold display technologies such as OLED but, essentially for movie-purists and sports fans, without the visible artefacts or ‘soap opera’ effects. This setting is ideal for movie‐purists and sports lovers.


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