Stuff and What HiFi magazines joined with Philips TV to organise a special night where a small group of readers would get the chance to experience both a top-spec Ambilight TV plus witness the new AmbiLux set first hand.

The general consensus from the readers for the evening was that the AmbiLux 8901 TV was consistently referred to as stunning and a real game changer that dramatically changes the concept of watching TV. Many expressed a feeling that the AmbiLux set took TV viewing into a new and better dimension. While switching off the AmbiLux system led many to say that the content had shrunk, diminished or just become very ordinary.

The four-sided Ambilight system of the 8601 was also hugely praised while the set’s sound system also proved a hit with consumers genuinely surprised at how wide and detailed a soundstage the set produced and the amount and quality of bass produced.

The highlight of the evening was a chance to win an Ambilux TV, a prize that was won by one lucky and genuinely delighted German reader.


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