UK or Germany, expert readers of specialist titles just love Philips OLED TVs.

Monday November 19, 2018 – For the second time in a year, readers of leading site AV Forums have voted Philips the winner of a special four manufacturer TV shoot featuring the best OLED sets all presented ‘blind’ to the audience to avoid any badge bias.

Not only has Philips triumphed in London once again, with the OLED+ 903 coming out on top, the win also follows on from the readers of leading German AV title Video Magazine voting the same set as the winner at a similar event hosted Munich in October.

Both recent tests were designed to directly compare the picture processing technologies of four of the major TV manufacturers. The four 65” sets used in the test included the OLED+903, the Sony AF9, the Panasonic FZW804 and the LG C8. All were disguised so that neither the 37 AV Forums readers or 35 Video Magazine readers were aware of which model they were voting for.

To further ensure a level playing field, the tests began with all four sets having been independently calibrated to the same standard – in London by the expert editorial team at AV Forums – this effectively minimised the processing options and allows the base level technology differences between the brands to be highlighted.

Once again, a wide selection of content was used in 11 clips with each played twice from a media PC, streamed from Netflix or via 4Kblu-ray from an X-box X.

The result from the calibrated section was a win for the Philips OLED+ 903 scoring over 32% of the votes with Sony second on 24% and Panasonic and LG equal on 13%.

Next the sets were switched into ‘vivid’ or ‘dynamic’ mode as the mode used by each manufacturer to demonstrate the best performance of their full PQ processing suite and one that allows a direct a comparison between each manufacturer’s PQ technology.

The viewers were shown the same eleven clips twice again from a media PC, streamed from Netflix and via 4K Blu-ray. The results in Vivid mode were more pronounced with 56% of the enthusiast audience voting for the Philips OLED+ 903 followed by 17% for the Sony in second place.

Commenting on the test result, Philips TV Director Product Strategy & Planning Danny Tack said:
‘This is our third blind shoot-out, run in two countries and with the expert readers from two different titles. The Philips OLED has won on each occasion and with very consistent scores between each test. Not only for the Vivid section, where you can see the superiority of P5 processing engine, including our new Perfect Natural Reality feature, but also the independently calibrated section. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better outcome’.

In addition to the new 2nd generation P5 Perfect Picture Engine and the new Perfect Natural Reality function, the OLED+903 is the first Philips TV to feature a specially developed sound system by legendary audio experts Bowers & Wilkins.

The OLED+903 is available now in 55” and 65” versions and is priced at £2500 and £3500 respectively.

AV Forums coverage of the event is now available online:

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