Specially created for the music loving connoisseur
Philips Fidelio X3 headphones offer exceptional performance, style and comfort

Amsterdam, 21st January 2020 – Exceptional audio performance, comfort, luxury design and build quality are all combined to create a true flagship headphone with the launch of new ‘audiophile’ quality Fidelio X3.

  • The Fidelio X3 combines performance, style and comfort to create a uniquely enjoyable ownership experience – as the music ‘connoisseur’s’ choice
  • Fidelio X3 offers exceptional comfort thanks to the application of highest-quality materials from European specialists including responsibly sourced Muirhead leather from Scotland and Danish Kvadrat acoustic fabric
  • The Fidelio X3 features the highest quality components ‘end to end’
  • Large multi-layer 50mm drivers allow Fidelio X3 to deliver full range, spacious ‘audiophile’ quality sound.
  • Optional balanced connection and cable to reduce crosstalk and improve stereo separation
  • HRA accredited hi-resolution performance


Fidelio stays Open

The Fidelio X3 is the latest model in the critically acclaimed Fidelio series and in particular is the latest version of the hugely popular open-back Fidelio headsets, much loved by both audiophiles and artistes for their unique combination of rich, accurate sound quality, extreme comfort and stylish, luxury design.

The Fidelio experience is built around creating products with a real pride of ownership and is focused on three pillars: Sound quality, design quality and enhanced user experience – with the X3 launching as the first of a new series of Fidelio products and as the flagship for the range.

Philips Sound has designed the Fidelio X3 to combine accuracy with generous bass and a warm mid-range – where the focus is on a tight, impactful sound with exceptional separation of instruments and voices, while the hi-end is clean, detailed and has excellent extension. The result is a spacious delivery with music appearing to extend beyond the confines of the headset, creating a unique experience that is authentic and accurate and yet delivers the scale of a live performance.

The multi-layered polymer drivers – gel filled for better damping – and powerful neodymium motor system also allow for extended natural high frequency and accurate spatial reproduction that compliments Philips Fidelio’s traditional, signature of rich quality bass.

Featuring double-layered ear shells with a new internal ridge construction designed to reduce vibrations, the speaker plates of the Fidelio X3s are pre-tilted to a 15-degree angle to fit more accurately to the natural shape of the ear, and to ensure the music is directed straight into the ear canal for a truly immersive listening experience.

Philips Sound has also given the Fidelio X3 the luxurious style to match its performance in a design that provides both durability and comfort. Real materials have been selected from specialist European partners to enhance the exceptional look and feel of the product.

A lightweight but strong, dark satin steel frame is covered in responsibly sourced black Muirhead leather and combines with thick felt headband and velour memory foam ear-pads to guarantee exceptional comfort even over the longest listening session.

As an acoustically open-backed headphone, the advanced architecture of the Fidelio X3 replaces a traditional grill with an acoustically transparent Kvadrat fabric to reduce any air pressure build-up and standing-wave reflections from behind the drivers.
The Fidelio X3s also reach hi-res performance levels via an HRA accredited exceptionally wide bandwidth of 5hz to 40Khz. For the ultimate performance, the Fidelio X3 can also be used in balanced mode to give the left and right channels separate grounds to reduce crosstalk and improve stereo separation even further. A balanced, twisted-pair cable is also included and features 2.5mm TRRS connector for superior connection to hi-res audio devices.
Designed for flawless all-round listening, the Fidelio X3 is the clear result of a meticulous attention to every detail of performance, comfort and style.


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