Amsterdam, November 10, 2017 – A special four manufacturer TV shoot out at the London Film Museum – organised with the support of AV Forums – has provided direct proof that OLED TVs are not all created equal and that paying more doesn’t necessarily buy better performance – with the Philips 9002 being voted the clear winner.

Expert readers from AV Forums were invited to a special event, to judge in a ‘blind’ test, the qualities of four sets all using the same OLED panel, which for the first time allowed a direct comparison of four manufacturer’s picture processing technology.

The four 55” sets involved were the Philips 9002, the Panasonic Z952, the Sony A1 and the LG C7. All four sets were disguised so that the 28 AV Forums members were viewing the sets blind throughout.

The test began with all four sets having been calibrated by the editorial team at AV Forums.

Six clips were each played twice from a media PC and streamed from Netflix via an X-box S.

The result from the calibrated section was a win for the Philips 9002 scoring an impressive 33% of the votes with LG second on 22% and the ‘no preference’ option third on 21%.

Next the sets – temporarily hidden behind curtains – were switched into ‘vivid’ mode to allow a comparison of the full processing suite of each manufacturer. The viewers were shown the same six clips twice again from a media PC and streamed from Netflix followed by three HDR clips from a 4K Blu-ray player – again shown twice.

The results in Vivid mode were more pronounced with 68% of the expert audience voting for the Philips 9002 followed by 14% for the Panasonic in second place.

Having announced the results, and at the request of AV Forums team, the same clips were shown again in movie mode while the screens were still disguised and the audience was offered the chance to change their vote – no one requested a change.

Commenting on the results Director for Philips TV Danny Tack said: ‘We went to great lengths – with the help of the AV Forums team – to ensure a level and fair playing field so we were a little bit surprised by the calibrated results. However Vivid mode is used by all manufacturers to show the full capabilities of their processing engines and we already knew just how powerful and sophisticated our new P5 picture processor is but I’m delighted we had the opportunity to prove that in a ‘blind’ test.

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The Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine offers a 50% increase in power over its predecessor, combing five processors into one with the sheer processing scale necessary to handle the masses of data that now comes with Ultra HD and 4K pictures. It analyses, deconstructs and individually addresses each of the 5 variables that define picture quality: Source perfection, Sharpness, Color, Contrast and Motion.
The 55” 9002 will be available in the UK from mid-November from John Lewis priced at £1999.

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