2023 Philips Headphones range

Amsterdam, February 7th, 2023

New Philips headphone models for Fidelio premium sound… or sports on the Go… or to improve sleep

Philips Sound launches two new Fidelio Premium models and two Go Sports headphones plus the first Philips sleep headphones with Kokoon

  • New Fidelio L4 over-ear and T2 TWS ANC headphones both feature bespoke inhouse drivers now with graphene coatings to improve mid & high-end sound quality.
  • Wireless connectivity for the L4 & T2 is handled by the latest Bluetooth 5.3 with Auracast and LE audio – guaranteeing high performance plus a reliable and energy efficient wireless connection.
  • L4 & T2 both offer LC3 and LDAC codecs for genuine Hi-Res wireless performance – plus SBC and AAC for the widest product compatibility.
  • The L4 is 10% lighter and the T2 offers 20% smaller earbuds and40% smaller charging case.
  • Hugely successful Go Sports range to include two mid-range headphones with the launch of the A5508 TWS and A5608 open ear bone conducting models with both offering Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and the LC3 codec.
  • N780 sleepbuds offer a complete sleep solution with both sleep tracking & analysis and help for better quality sleep.

TP Vision is introducing new versions of its Philips Fidelio premium over-ear ANC headphones and premium TWS wireless ANC earbuds with the launch of the new L4 and T2 models, while expanding its successful Go Series with the A5508 and A5608 sets and is introducing the first Philips branded sleep headphones with the launch of the N7808 developed in partnership with sleep scientists Kokoon.

Philips Fidelio L4 – one of the very best…gets even better

The L4 headphones continue the Fidelio philosophy of offering a compelling combination of superb audio performance, long battery life, exceptional active-noise-cancellation plus excellent fit & comfort – all supplied with the ultimate in premium build and finish.

The L4 continue to use a bespoke, inhouse developed 40mm driver which now features a graphene coating to add additional stiffness – but without a weight penalty – to provide a lower distortion for a cleaner mid and high-range sound.

An ultra-reliable and energy efficient multi-point connection is guaranteed by the latest 5.3 version of Bluetooth with Auracast broadcasting and LE audio. The inclusion of both the LC3 and LDAC codecs ensures that the L4 can offer the highest quality wireless audio, with Hi-Res Audio playback also available via the supplied 3.5mm mini-jack cable or via USB-C.

The Philips Fidelio L4’s four-mic Hybrid Adaptive ANC system has also been improved by a relocating the venting port for the mic measuring external noise – feed forward – to the rear of the earcup where it is less sensitive to wind noise. The sensitivity of the feed forward mic can now also be automatically reduced as wind noise increases.

An extra built-in voice pick-up mic is dedicated to removing background sounds to ensure calls are received and made with crystal clear audio.

Battery life has also been improved with the L4 now offering 50 hours of playback – 40 with ANC on – plus with a quick charge of 15 minutes offering five hours of playback.

Ease of use is guaranteed thanks touch controls – now with a leather covered touch area – with swipe, tap, and press action plus voice assistance via Google Assistant compatibility.

Philips Fidelio T2 puts the premium into TWS ANC earbuds

The T2 earbuds are reduced in size by an impressive 20% with the charging case 40% smaller when compared to the original T1.

The highest quality, full range audio performance, continues to be available thanks to the T2’s advanced two-way design with a new, large 9.2mm graphene coated dynamic driver in partnership with a specially optimised, small and very efficient balanced armature driver.

Hi-Res audio and an ultra-reliable connection are guaranteed by the adoption of the latest 5.3 version of Bluetooth – with Google Fast Pair – featuring LE audio and the LC3 codec. The T2 also features the option of the LDAC codec to ensure music playback in highest resolution quality.

In total, the Philips Fidelio T2 features six mics with three mics in each bud. Two mics per bud offer the maximum level of adaptive noise cancellation while two dedicated voice pick up mics – one per bud and now using bone conducting technology – reduce the impact of wind noise.

Despite the reduction in earbud and case size, battery life for the T2 remains excellent with nine hours continuous playback with ANC activated and a further 27 hours playback available via the charging case – which becomes 10 hours for the earbud and 30 hours playback from the case without ANC.

A full charge takes two hours while an extra one hour of extra playback is available after just five minutes of charging.

The buds are also splash proof with a rating of IPX4 – perfect for outdoor use.

More on the GO

TP Vision will expand the range of Philips GO Sports headphones with two new mid-range models both designed to the GO theme of bringing extra enjoyment to active lifestyles or athlete’s workouts thanks to their combination of comfort, ruggedness, water resistance and great sound on-the-go.

The A5508 is a new TWS earbud featuring a low distortion 8mm graphene coated driver to ensure great sound quality while the A5608 adopts the latest open ear, bone conducting technology to allow users great audio with the added safety of being able to immediately hear ambient sound – the A5608 also adds extra safety thanks to a built in LED running light in the neck band.

The A5508 and A5608 both use the latest ultra-reliable Bluetooth 5.3 with the LC3 codec – offering both superior sound and energy efficiency – and a multi-point connection.

Both headphones have excellent battery life and rapid charging times. The A5508 offers seven hours playback with ANC on – with a further 21 hours from the charging case – with an extra one hour of playback after just five minutes. The A5608 offers six hours playback with an additional one-hour playback available after a 15-minute charge.

The A5508 features a hybrid ANC system with a built-in wind noise reduction feature. Clear call quality is also available on both headsets thanks to a twin mic system with automatic fine tuning via AI.

Great for the outdoor active life, the A5508 and A5608 should both offer long term enjoyment thanks to IPX5 sweat and water resistance.

And so to bed – sleeping sound with the Philips Sleep headphones

The new Philips N7808, the first Philips sleep headphones with Kokoon, offers the perfect answer to the misery of disturbed sleep by helping wearers fall asleep more easily, while also protecting their sleep from outside disturbances.

Designed in partnership with sleep scientists at Kokoon, the N7808 sleep headphones relocate the main electronic components away from the earbud and into a shallow enclosure mounted – but typically not felt while lying – behind the head.

This allows the N7808’s sleep headphones to have the smallest profile measuring just 6mm thick – aided by the use of balanced armature drivers – as opposed to the more normal 20+mm body of most earbuds. The tiny size also makes the N7808 easy and comfortable to keep in the ear all night long.

Sensors within the earbuds monitor the users sleep pattern to adapt the audio delivery and automatically fade out audio as the user drifts off.

The N7808 works with the Kokoon App to improve the understanding and management of a wearer’s sleep which is continuously monitored via accelerometers and a tiny, optical heart rate monitor within the earbud that works by shining light into the skin and measuring how light is scattered from a body’s blood flow. The combined information can then be used to help users better understand and navigate their path to better sleep.

External noises are usually the main reason for disturbed sleep. The N7808’s sleep headphones have excellent noise isolation that works in combination with an intelligent noise masking feature that uses precisely tuned, slowly introduced, white noise to smooth out peaks in external sound that can disrupt sleep.

The N7808 have a ten-hour battery life and can also be used to make calls and stream music including via Apple Music, Audible, Spotify, YouTube, the Calm and Headspace Apps or via the Kokoon App.

For further information, please visit www.sleepheadphone.com.

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