TP Vision renews partnership with Abbey Road Studios

Amsterdam, February 17th, 2022

TP Vision renews partnership with Abbey Road Studios with Philips continuing as official TV partner

TP Vision has announced an extension of the strategic partnership between premium European TV brand Philips and the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Originally established in 2018, the extension of the agreement will see Philips continue as official TV partner and will also see Philips Ambilight TV sponsor Abbey Road Studios’ new global Music Photography Awards.

The partnership is based on TP Vision’s desire to work with the very best European based specialist companies and to find opportunities to present Philips Ambilight TVs as offering the very best-in-class picture and sound quality performance.

Philips Ambilight TVs will continue as the preferred TV/monitor for Abbey Road Studios’ award-winning engineers and will be used throughout the Abbey Road complex – allowing content to be viewed on the best possible TV sets, while allowing Philips TV to test and develop its products in the most challenging and demanding environment.

The two brands will also continue to work together through joint promotions, content creation, events, social media activations, and other marketing activities including exclusive events at the iconic Studios in London.

One of the first joint activities in 2022 will see Philips Ambilight TV support the inaugural Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards; which will become an annual, global music photography competition celebrating each year’s unforgettable, unique and unsung music moments and the photographers who captured them.

Capturing and recreating the smallest or largest live event in the most realistic and immersive fashion is at the heart of every Philips Ambilight TV. TP Vision is delighted to be able to support the creation of such content by sponsoring the Live Music Photography Award category and giving the winner the chance to enjoy the very best TV for themselves.

The winner of the Live Music Photography category will be able to enjoy the superior picture and sound performance of the multi-award-winning Philips 55” OLED+936 TV.

Philips OLED+ models are widely accepted to be the best TVs available in the market, with Philips developing all picture quality processing in house, added with the unique Ambilight experience and working with specialist audio legends Bowers & Wilkins to ensure an exceptional sound performance to match the stunning on-screen images. Multiple Awards from across all European media prove that the current OLED+936 TV has moved performance boundaries and changed opinions on what constitutes the ultimate TV.

Philips TVs also add an extra element to their performance through the company’s unique Ambilight technology where a series of constantly changing LED lights on the rear of the set, cast a halo of coloured light on to the wall behind – precisely matching the on-screen images and creating a wholly immersive viewing experience.

TP Vision and Abbey Road Studios have already worked together on some unique live performances from global talent, including partnering with cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason to produce a specially commissioned light and sound movement ideally created to highlight the immersive performance of Ambilight.

The result was an exceptional picture and sound performance delivered as a totally immersive viewing experience like no other.

Commenting on the partnership renewal, TP Vision Chief Marketing Officer Martijn Smelt said: “Our exciting partnerships with iconic European brands, ones that share our passion for performance quality, have become part of our identity. I’m delighted to announce our continued partnership with Abbey Road Studios and our support for the creation of the finest content via Philips Ambilight TV sponsorship of the Music Photography Awards. It is a source of much company pride that Abbey Road Studios continues to recognise a similar culture of excellence at TP Vision, and that Philips continues to represent their perfect TV partner”.

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