TP Vision, the global electronics giant behind Philips televisions demonstrated a future vision for retail by bringing an unforgettable omni-channel experience to the TV category at IFA 2018, one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics fairs in Berlin, Germany. TP Vision highlighted the new concept by immersing shoppers in an in-store experience bringing digital to the forefront and amplifying the potential of the Philips TV products.

The Shopper Agency were briefed in February 2018 to demonstrate TP Vision’s superiority in the TV category by developing key technologies to elevate their products and retail presence to deliver an improved shopper experience for their customers and to provide an entertaining, interactive experience that brought the potential of these electronic products to life within the home.

The Shopper Agency created and delivered a concept for TP Vision that:

  • Included interactive elements using the latest technology to demonstrate the unique selling points of Philips TV, introducing an at home experience to shoppers within the retail space
  • Worked globally for different retailers’ needs
  • Highlighted the key products and technologies of the OLED/P5, Ambilight, Android SmartTV, and Sound
  • Demonstrated a visionary execution, showing how digital can bring to life true product experiences within the TV category making it easier for consumers to understand the benefits and potential of the products.

The Shopper Agency worked closely with the team at TP Vision to define the category solutions, by interpreting the regional challenges for retailers and determining the technologies available to highlight key categories and products.

This research, and the success of last year’s IFA exhibition, led to the addition of experiential areas in the much-increased exhibition space. This interactive zone allowed TP Vision to showcase feature elements for P5, OLED+TV, Android SmartTV, Ambilight experience and Sound, whilst also launching the exciting partnerships with quality, aesthetic designer Georg Jensen and legendary British audio engineering company Bowers & Wilkins.

The concept gives multiple options to suit retailers’ wishes, enabling them to fully engage and inspire their shoppers by immersing them in an in-store experience but with a standardised approach to key shopper touchpoints. Integrating key digital elements with the existing system was an important part of the concept in order to amplify the product benefits and highlight the unique selling propositions for Ambilight and Sound.

Ambilight is an innovative lighting technology developed by Philips, which adds another dimension to TVs by radiating light and filling a room with ambience. By its nature, Ambilight is challenging to showcase, particularly in a retail environment due to the high light levels. To combat this challenge and inject an immersive, experience element, The Shopper Agency designed a VR experience to enhance the environmental lighting, allowing the shopper to be immersed in unique room sets and giving them a true experience of how Ambilight would feel in their home, demonstrating the unique features and helping shoppers understand the full effect of Ambilight and its potential. Each profile features a personal narrative and describes why they love the Ambilight experience in their home.

The excellent sound system of the OLED+ TV partners with Bowers & Wilkins’ , who brought the passion of the very best sound quality in the world with TP Visions passion for the very best picture quality in the world used their expertise and patented technology to take TV sound to an unsurpassed level. The Shopper Agency explored, developed and created a concept for sound that focused on using an acoustic chair that would allow shoppers to have a more enhanced experience of the sound tune by Bower & Wilkins in the OLED+ TV range.

Vladimir Kalista, Trade Marketing Manager at Philips Television Europe:

“The Shopper Agency has been a great partner to develop but also to activate Philips TV instore concept. Our main objective was to develop tools for providing experience to shoppers in TV category and to demonstrate those to our retail partners. With experience of TSA we managed to develop several interactive elements using the latest technology to demonstrate unique selling points of Philips TV.”

Martin Fawcett, Managing Director at The Shopper Agency:

’We are very proud to work with TP Vision and Philips on such high-profile, experience-led projects that are focused on putting the shopper first. We understand that consumers live and shop in the experience economy; they no longer look to buy just products and services, but seek something more authentic, memorable and shareable. Consumers seek experiences.’’

The design concept for TP Vision at IFA this year has created an environment that showcases the latest technologies to demonstrate the unique selling points of Philips TV, as well as enhancing the overall shopper experience maximising the opportunity for TP Vision to engage their customers and raise brand awareness for Philips TV. By telling powerful stories through advanced technology the concept enhances the viewing experience of users.

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