Berlin, September 1, 2016 – The arrival of High Dynamic Range content allows both the new 901F OLED and 7601 direct dimmable sets to fully display the power of Philips award winning PQ processing suite, and to stunning effect, with each creating a new reference performance in their market segments.

HDR technology delivers much brighter scenes and deeper blacks to create greater image detail thanks to the significant improvement in contrast and a more vibrant, accurate colour palate.

The combination of Philips TV’s top quality picture processing and HDR content produces results that are simply breathtaking.

New and existing Philips TV customers already enjoying sets from the wider range will also be able to experience the benefits of the new HDR content, with all 2016 sets from the 6400 series upwards being HDR compatible – via an over-the-air firmware update.

OLED – An exceptional PQ partner

The inherent properties of OLED make it the perfect partner for the sophisticated and powerful Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine.  In particular, OLED delivers far higher results in terms of black level, contrast, color and motion reproduction than the most powerful edge-lit LED/LCD set.

OLED TVs remove the problems caused by an ‘always-on’ backlight by featuring light emitting pixels with the unique ability to completely switch off.  Blacks can now be reproduced to their deepest, darkest inky levels, while even delicate shades become distinct and visible thanks to a huge contrast ratio on offer.

Having deeper black levels also allows more accurate and vibrant colors to be reproduced with the 901F enjoying an incredibly wide color gamut (99% DCI-P3 WCG). A further benefit of OLED TVs is the hugely improved viewing angle that the sets enjoy over edge-lit LCD TVs, delivering images with incredibly consistent brightness, color and contrast to wherever the viewer is seated in the room.

Motion reproduction is exceptional too.  Typically OLED TV’s are more than 100 times faster than traditional LED based TVs, giving super fast response times so images stay razor sharp whether watching sport or action movies.

Perfect Pixel PQ processing – better for OLED

While the performance of the OLED panel in the 901F is already exceptional, it is the unique combination of OLED technology with the Philips Perfect Pixel Ultra HD Engine that brings a new and outstanding performance quality to the market  – with an incredible picture performance level of 3800 PPI.

Perfect Pixel Ultra HD includes the Perfect Natural Motion system with an incredible processing power of 4 billion pixels, allowing each individual pixel within the image to be continually monitored and adjusted for superb sharpness and fluid motion.

The processing engine also includes an Ultra Resolution system that will upscale and convert any source into a sharper, more refined Ultra HD image.

Contrast is also further improved thanks to the Perfect Contrast system with Local Contrast processing working in partnership with Micro Dimming Perfect technology.

Local Contrast is an additional contrast video improvement that works together with the Micro Dimming Perfect system to identify fine detail within the image and locally enhance details in the darker areas rather than boosting them across all of the screen.

By targeting light independently within different parts of the picture, the system can also create a local peak light output to produce a brighter, more natural looking image while still preserving the deepest black levels elsewhere on the screen.

Color reproduction is also exceptional thanks to the very wide color gamut of the OLED panel and Philips’ Perfect Color system featuring a 17-bit color booster and intelligent color processing.  The result is the accurate reproduction of more than 2.250 trillion, brilliantly vibrant colors, in addition to ultra realistic skin tones and crisper whites.

Motion sharpness also sets news standards thanks to the inherent speed of the OLED panel and Philips Perfect Natural motion technology, which uses the system’s 4 billion pixel processing power to interpolate and insert additional image frames. Even the fastest moving Full HD and Ultra HD images are reproduced with fluid motion while maintaining superb sharpness.

HDR Performance

The combination of the 901F ‘s 540Nit peak light performance, wide color gamut panel and the Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine allows the OLED set to be the first to reach Philips’ HDR Perfect standard.

The recently launched 7601 model qualifies for Philip’s HDR Premium status in part due to its 700Nit light-output, Premium Color system and the inclusion of the top-level Perfect Pixel Ultra HD processing suite.

The 7601 also surpasses the performance of the best edge-lit LCD TVs thanks the inclusion of a direct dimmable backlight with 128 independent segments.  Working in combination with the Micro Dimming Premium, Bright Premium and Perfect Contrast systems, the 2D dimming technology can simultaneously reproduce maximum and minimum brightness in different segments of the screen to give the 7601 a huge contrast ratio.

Micro Dimming Premium optimizes the contrast on the 7601 through a combination of a sophisticated and powerful software algorithm and the advanced Direct LED backlight. The software analyzes the picture in 6400 different zones and controls the 128 individual adjustable LED segments to ensure dark areas have the deepest blacks and bright areas have the whitest whites within the same image.

The result is deeper blacks, brighter more brilliant whites and more vibrant colors, a performance that has led to the 7601 being given the EISA Best Buy European Large TV Award for 2016-2017.

The 2016 6000  (from the 6400 onwards) and 7000 series TVs are also HDR compatible and achieve HDR Plus status thanks to their superior contrast and excellent color reproduction.

All of the Philips HDR compatible TV range also feature HDR Upscaling to allow the sets to convert non-HDR sources to HDR performance levels.

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