• Philips 46PFL9707 was named EUROPEAN LCD TV 2012-2013 by EISA for its top specifications
  • Philips 9000 series received the EISA award nine years in a row
  • Philips 55PFL6007 was named EUROPEAN GREEN TV 2012-2013 by EISA for its energy efficiency and the efficient use of precious metals
  • Philips TVs were awarded the EISA Green Award for the third year in a row

Amsterdam, 15th August, 2012 – TP Vision announced that the EISA Jury selected two Philips TV models as winners of its renowned award competition: the 46PFL9707 was named as EUROPEAN LCD TV 2012-2013 and the Philips 55PFL6007 was appointed the EUROPEAN GREEN TV 2012-2013.

“We are proud that our 9000 series and 6000 series TVs could continue the long track record of EISA award recipients from Philips,” said Alain Perrot, Chief Commercial Officer at TP Vision. “It is a great acknowledgement of our efforts to bring innovative and sustainable TVs to the market that meet the demands of our customers.”

Philips 46PFL9707: the EUROPEAN LCD TV 2012-2013
The EISA Jury appointed the Philips 46PFL9707 as EUROPEAN LCD TV 2012-2013. This model from the new Philips 9000 series was selected because of its outstanding picture quality features; amongst them the advanced Moth Eye Filter and the excellent implementation of local dimming technology.

The EISA Jury said: “Year after year we have on the market new Philips TV models with top specifications, and year after year they surprise with even better performance. The 46PFL9707 features an improved Moth Eye filter to drastically reduce screen reflections, and the direct LED backlight with local dimming allows for deep blacks and peak brightness. Motion compensation is excellent as well, while the new Flicker Free glasses technology means you can enjoy 3D movies without the discomfort often associated with the presence of ambient light. Finally, the new remote control incorporates a keyboard to simplify navigation of the Smart TV features.”

Philips 55PFL6007: the EISA Green TV 2012-2013
This year’s EISA Green TV award went to the Philips 55PFL6007. The award-winning TV is a fully featured Smart TV offering advanced functionality including Ambilight and superb picture quality in 2D and 3D on its large 140cm (55’’) screen.

“The EISA Green TV award is great and independent proof that our engineers again succeeded in creating a TV that coherently combines sustainability and performance,” explained Alain Perrot. “With Philips 55PFL6007, consumers don’t need to compromise on either aspect.”

“While today’s TVs are being offered with ever-bigger screens, this doesn’t have to mean a bigger cost to the environment. With the 55PFL6007, Philips has created a set with increased functionality over its previous models while maintaining its standing as a brand with environmentally efficient products.” explained the EISA jury. “Not only does the 55PFL6007 outperform its rivals when it comes to energy efficiency but it also boasts the efficient use of precious metals in its printed circuit boards. As such, a Philips TV set wins the EISA Green Award for the third year in succession.”