• Philips 9000 series Smart LED TVs offer excellent contrast, high brightness, vivid colours and extreme motion picture sharpness
  • Three-sided Ambilight Spectra XL virtually enlarges screen more than Ambilight ever did before
  • Philips 46PFL9707 with Moth Eye Filter, providing an impressively reflection free screen, was named EUROPEAN LCD TV 2012-2013 by EISA

Amsterdam, 30th August, 2012 – Today, TP Vision announced its new Philips 9000 series of premium Smart TVs comprising two models with screen sizes of 117cm (46’’) and 152cm (60’’). Based on Philips’ Perfect Pixel HD Engine, both the Philips 46PFL9707 and Philips 60PFL9607 deliver the best of the best in Philips picture quality; including Micro Dimming Premium for excellent contrast and vivid colours, Flicker Free 3D for a flicker free Full HD 3D experience, and a 1200Hz PMR motion picture enhancement for superb motion sharpness. The EISA award winning Philips 46PFL9707 also features an improved version of the Moth Eye Filter, a bionic technology. The new Philips 9000 series Smart LED TVs will be available in the third quarter of 2012 in Europe and Russia.

Best of the best in Philips picture quality
The Philips 9000 series of premium Smart LED TVs carries the hallmark of Philips’ expertise in picture quality. The two models, with screen sizes of 117cm (46’’) and 152cm (60’’), use the Perfect Pixel HD Engine to offer superior picture quality by addressing every element of the picture-processing chain.

Micro Dimming Premium and Bright Pro provide excellent contrast
Micro Dimming Premium and Bright Pro on the 9000 series models deliver pictures with excellent contrast, high sharpness and vivid colours. The screens’ direct LED backlight is divided into hundreds of segments, which can each be individually controlled. For those parts of the picture that are showing dark scenes, the LED backlight can switch off, while Bright Pro enables a boosted light output for sections of the picture showing bright scenes.

Bionic technology Moth Eye Filter reduces reflections on the screen
The Moth Eye Filter copies the nanostructure found in a moth’s eye to create a highly efficient anti-reflective screen surface. This technology helps to further improve contrast on the 117cm (46’’) model 46PFL9707 by deepening the blackness of dark tones, while increasing the lightness of bright elements without disturbing halos or reflections.

Improved Ambilight with an expanded light projection on the wall
The 9000 series Smart LED TVs come with three-sided Ambilight Spectra XL. The patented Philips technology virtually enlarges the screen more than ever before by projecting a glow of light from the back of the screen onto the surrounding wall.  The colour and brightness of the light are automatically adapted to match the content shown on the TV screens.

Excellent 3D picture quality and premium features
These premium TV models also provide excellent 3D features. A sophisticated 2D to 3D conversion adds depth to 2D content, independent from the source, in near-real time. As everyone perceives 3D content differently, Philips 9000 series feature 3D Depth Adjustment, so that viewers can customise the 3D depth level.

Ultimate two player full screen experience
With Philips 3D glasses, the 9000 series televisions deliver a stunning gaming experience for 2D two-player games. Thanks to the Two Player Full Screen Gaming mode, each gamer can enjoy the game in 2D on the full screen at the same time at the push of a button.

Premium Smart TV experience
Via the new Smart TV home screen, the 9000 series Smart TVs provide access to a broad selection of digital content and apps including catch-up TV, access to online video stores, and internet browsing. USB recording enables users to pause the TV program and record digital TV broadcasts directly to a connected USB storage device. The MyRemote App allows users to browse the electronic program guide on a tablet or a smartphone whilst watching TV. Additional remote control features, including the ability to push pictures, videos or music to the TV, turn mobile devices into smart remote controls.