• TP Vision launches the second generation of Philips TVs powered by Android
  • Philips Smart TVs powered by Android TV the best of two worlds by accessing Philips Smart TV platform and Google Play store
  • Android strengthens Philips TVs’ position at the heart of consumers’ living room

Amsterdam, March 17th, 2015 – The upcoming range of Philips Smart TVs embraces Android 5.0 (Lollipop) on most of the models – starting in the entry level category with the Philips 5500 – to deliver a contemporary Smart TV experience. Philips Smart TVs powered by Android 5.0 (Lollipop) unite two worlds by offering access to both the Philips Smart TV platform and the Google Play store.

The digital centre of any living room

TP Vision’s Smart TV strategy is based on three pillars: TV 3.0, gaming and Smart Home.
Android TV gives easy access to a broad selection of on demand streaming services that complement the ordinary broadcast offering. In addition, the Philips TVs powered by Android TV provide easy to use connectivity that moves them closer to other smart devices in the house.
Owners of a 2015 Philips Smart TV powered by Android TV can choose from a broad selection of cloud games from OnLive, download Android games from the Google Play store or play one of the many games from premium partners including Gameloft and EA – without connecting a dedicated gaming console to the TV.
Philips Smart TVs powered by Android serve as a central hub for all Smart Home applications. The Android ecosystem provides access to a large pool of home automation applications and smart appliances.

Improved user experience and smart navigation

Android 5.0 (Lollipop) – the next generation operating system – gives the user experience on Philips Smart TVs a boost. Philips Smart TVs powered by Android TV offer fluent, fast navigation through menus and app galleries. New ‘Philips Shelf’ with content promotion and personalized recommendations helps you to find your way around a rapidly expanding repertoire of apps, services and content. The ‘Launcher Home’ includes the Philips App Gallery, Google Voice Search, and content and app promotions to present the hottest movies and apps. For quick access, all Philips Smart TVs powered by Android will come with a remote control that features the Philips TopPicks recommendation button. Philips 7600 powered by Android TV come with a newly designed remote control providing a full keyboard and a swipe pad that facilitates navigation through the on-screen user interface.

Increased storage capacity

To store all apps, games, and downloaded content, Philips TVs powered by Android TV provide – depending on the dedicated model – 8 or 16 GB of internal memory. Those who need even more storage capacity can easily connect an external hard disk drive via USB.

Broad selection of Philips Smart TVs powered by Android TV

The 2015 range features a wide selection of Philips Smart TVs powered by Android TV. It includes the modestly priced Philips 5500 series Full HD TVs and Philips 6400 UHD TVs, plus the Philips 6500 series Full HD TVs and Philips 7100 and 7600 UHD TVs with advanced picture quality features on board. More Philips TVs powered by Android will be presented in the course of the year.

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TP Vision is a dedicated TV player in the world of visual digital entertainment. TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips branded TV sets in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and selected countries in Asia-Pacific. We do this by combining our design expertise and innovative Philips TV heritage with the operational excellence, flexibility and speed of TPV Technology. With these combined strengths, we bring high-quality TV sets to the market: smart and easy to use with sophisticated styling. We believe in creating products that offer a superior TV experience for consumers. With Philips TVs, TP Vision is a global leader in the hospitality market. TP Vision is the exclusive brand licensee of Philips TVs for the above listed countries. The TV Company is 100% owned by TPV, the world’s leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturer, selling and marketing Philips branded TVs in China. The TPV Group has been able to drive its growth over the years by leveraging its economies of scale and core competencies in R&D, manufacturing, logistic efficiency and quality. TP Vision employs close to 2,000 people in several locations around the globe.

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