• Augmented reality based app lets consumer ‘virtually’ see how each Philips TV model will look in their own home.
  • Included buying guide also gives recommendations for the best TV to fit the user, their budget and their room.

Amsterdam, 1st June 2012 – A new TV is one of life’s bigger and more exciting purchases, and now TP Vision wants to ensure that the purchase process remains stress free by introducing an augmented reality based app that lets consumers choose their perfect size and model of Philips TVs based on how it will actually look in their own home.  

The free app uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the Philips TV range into a shopper’s living room and before they have committed to spend a penny. Users print out an AR marker, place it in the spot where their new TV will be, fire up the app and point their device at the marker. A virtual 3D model of the TV will appear in their chosen space.

The app allows shoppers to find the right TV whether that is based on budget, screen size, design and picture quality – or a combination of them all. The guide provides interactive advice on how to determine each of the criteria and gives recommendations for the best TV to fit the user and their room.

Shoppers can view TV models placed either on stands or mounted on the wall. They can walk 360°  all the way around the set while clicking on ‘hotspots’ for key TV features and receiving a detailed description of the benefits for each. Consumers can see the sets either with blank screens or with content running on the display and with features such as Ambilight, either on or off. A snapshot of the model of the TV in the room can also be taken and shared.

The free TV Buying Guide app, now available for the UK, Germany, France and Brazil, will be available in 30 countries and 18 different languages.  Download the TV Buying Guide app, from either the App Store or Android Market.

The app is free for download on iTunes and Google Play