• The Google Assistant will be available on all 2018 European Philips Android TV models
  • Microphone equipped remote control to be included with all 2018 Philips Android TVs
  • New Philips developed Saphi Smart UI to be launched on entry level Smart TVs

Amsterdam 25th January, 2018 – Philips will expand its Smart TV offering in 2018 with the addition of the Google Assistant to its Android TVTM platform models and the introduction of the Philips developed Saphi Smart TV user interface for entry level models.

We all might admit shouting at our TVs from time to time, but now the viewer’s interaction with their Philips Android TV is about to become that little bit more ‘intelligent’ with the announcement that the Google Assistant will begin to roll-out to Philips 2018 Android TV sets in the first half of the year.

The Google Assistant lets you have a conversation with Google, so you can ask questions and get things done. With the Google Assistant on Philips TVs, users can ask the Google Assistant to find and play music, movies, videos and other related content from popular services including YouTubeTM & Netflix*, help plan their day by providing the latest news or traffic information or weather reports, schedule events and alarms, and find photos from Google Photos.

The Google Assistant can even help the TV control other compatible smart home devices (easily identified by a “works with Google Assistant” badge) including a huge range of network connected speaker systems, Nest Home Automation and Philips Lighting’s Hue products.

To access the Google Assistant on a Philips 2018 Android TV, the user just needs to push a dedicated button on the remote control, and once the mic is activated, the mic area is then highlighted by a blue LED light for as long as the system is active.

All of Philips 2018 Android TVs will be launched ready with the Google Assistant thanks to fast processors easily capable of running the service and the inclusion of microphone enabled remote controls.

The sets will be updated to full Assistant functionality via a software update, starting with English language support in the first half of 2018, which will be followed by French, German, Italian and Dutch versions later in 2018. Other European languages will follow in the future as Google offers specific language support.

Philips also intends to roll-out the Google Assistant upgrade to 2017 Android TV sets – exact models to be confirmed once the service is active.

Saphi Smart TV

Entry level Smart TVs are also going to be faster and easier to use in 2018 thanks to the introduction of Philips in-house developed Saphi Smart TV user interface.

Saphi’s speed is important to the Smart experience because consumers expect their service to be responsive. Performance is important because the Smart function needs to deliver the same exceptional picture quality as other sources.

Saphi also offers easy access to Philips existing catalogue of Smart TV apps which are now conveniently located together with all of the key TV functions while the most popular streaming services such as: YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are just a couple of clicks away.

Miracast support also makes the sharing and onscreen viewing of photos from a phone or tablet quick and easy.

Saphi will be introduced on all Philips 2018 Smart TVs using the Linux operating system and starting from Full HD sets in the 5000 series up to the 6000 series sets featuring UHD, HDR and Philips unique Ambilight 3 sided system.

TP Vision is the licensee for the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of Philips branded TVs in Europe – and other selected markets – and has pioneered many of the key developments in the Smart TV arena as part of the company’s commitment to provide continuous innovation for the Philips TV brand – including the adoption of all new technologies where the company’s in-house expertise can both bring a significant performance improvement and a truly useful innovation for consumers.

Philips TV was one of the pioneers of Smart TV functionality and for the introduction of the Android TV operating system that offered consumer easy access to a huge range of movies, TV shows and Games via Google PlayTM, YouTube and other favourite Apps. The Android TV OS also allowed Philips TVs to make personalized viewing recommendations or allow the set to display instantly cast movies, TV shows and photos from the AndroidTM or iOS device thanks to the inclusion of the ChromecastTM built-in feature.

*Access requires a Netflix account

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