Seven out of eight series in the new Philips TV range are Smart TV enabled

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Philips TV drives the digital home entertainment market with a broad range of new TVs featuring Smart TV. Seven out of eight of Philips’
newly announced series are now loaded with Smart TV functionality. A redesigned personalised home screen and an even more intuitive handling enrich the user

60 percent of users turn to Smart TV several times a day
“As the whole Smart TV infrastructure – broadband web access, cloud content, TVs, apps, user acceptance – is in place now, we expect to see a rapid boost in Smart TV
usage”, said Pieter Vervoort, Vice President and Head of Product Strategy & Smart TV. Already now, over 60 percent of active Philips’ Smart TV users turn to Smart TV more
than fifty times a month.

Smart TV anywhere in the house
With the availability of Smart TV in models with small screen sizes down to 48cm (19’’), users can now install TVs offering access to digital content in any room of the house.
“The digital world of content and apps on TVs is no longer the reserve of users of highpriced TVs, but is now accessible on a tight budget too,” said Vervoort.

Personalization and usability are essentials
Usability is vital for Smart TV: Philips has improved its Smart TV Home Screen with an easy-to-use graphical user interface and an expanded service offering. This gives users
quick access to all their favourite apps, weather forecasts, the Web and personalised video recommendations. Our Smart TV is built on cloud based architecture, so Philips
Smart TV owners will automatically see the redesigned Home Screen on their TV.

Easy to use Smart TV Home Screen
The Home Screen’s graphical user interface offers one-click access to the most popular features in Philips’ Smart TV service. The Home Screen’s top bar shows the local
weather forecast, time and date. The upper left part of the screen is reserved for live pictures of a chosen TV channel or external source, so users won’t miss their favourite
programmes while enjoying Smart TV options. To the right of the TV channel picture, users will now find personalised recommendations of apps, TV shows, Catch-up TV and
Video on Demand (VoD) offerings. The lower part of the Home Screen shows users’ favourite apps, which can be individually positioned.

Support for app developers
Although there are more than 500 apps already available, we want to expand the app offering on our Smart TVs further. Philips has launched a Partner Portal
( with tools such as a software development kit (SDK), information and the support facilities any developer needs to develop apps for Smart TV.