• Philips DesignLine TV wins a ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’ award for a design of the highest quality that revolutionizes television design
  • Philips Elevation TV receives a Red Dot award for its ultra-slim design featuring 4-sided Ambilight and transparent base, creating the impression of a TV floating in a halo of light

Amsterdam, April 14th, 2014 – TP Vision announces that both the Philips DesignLine and the Philips Elevation have won Red Dot awards for their outstanding designs. The Philips DesignLine also received the accolade of the Best of the Best award, which is the top prize in the competition and is reserved for the best products in a category.

Philips DesignLine: the perfect fit for modern living spaces

The jury was impressed by the DesignLine’s unconventional style. Its front is made from a seamless sheet of glass that casually leans against the wall. When switched on, the large glass front gives the screen a magical floating effect, while a black to transparent gradient completely masks the screen in off-mode. Three-sided Ambilight projects light – precisely matching the colour of the on-screen content – onto the wall behind the TV.

Philips Elevation: ultra-slim TVs that ‘float’

A thickness of only 13.5mm makes Elevation the slimmest Philips TV ever. Its ingenious design and use of high-grade materials combined with four-sided Ambilight creates the illusion of a TV that is floating in a large halo of light. This sensation appears whether the TV is on the transparent stand or wall-mounted.

Supporting quote

“The Red Dot Best of the Best award for the Philips DesignLine is great recognition of a design approach that pushes beyond the conventional to address modern consumer needs. DesignLine and Elevation are perfect examples of how we create objects of desire for contemporary interiors by creatively combining high-grade materials, refined design elements and Ambilight.”
Rod White, Senior Creative Director at TP Vision

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Pictures of Philips Designline
Pictures of Philips Elevation

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