• ‘Darklight’ launches as the third film in ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ trilogy following multi-award winning predecessors ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Lightwaves’.
  • Campaign continues high-impact sports theme with extreme mountain biking featuring three world leading riders.
  • LED lighting used in dark mountain and forest scenes to spectacular effect.
  • New campaign marks launch of Philips latest 8000 four-sided Ambilight TVs.

Amsterdam, October XX, 2015 – TP Vision will mark the launch of the company’s new 8000 four-sided Ambilight models by unveiling ‘Darklight’, the latest movie in the companies spectacular ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ series. Darklight follows previous award winning films ‘Afterglow’ and Lightwaves and continues with the theme of combining massive LED ‘light-scapes’ with adventure sports and extreme locations.

The new film stars three world-class mountain bike riders – Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter and Matty Miles performing high speed – and at times near vertical, rides at night in the barren desert mountains of Utah and in the lush forest tracks of Oregon.

The movies also provide perfect 4K UHD in-store content for the demonstration of the unique Ambilight technology – found only on Philips TV sets – which creates a halo of light and changing colours, to precisely match the on-screen action, on the wall behind the set, providing an extended, enhanced and more immersive viewing experience.

The Philips TV range features two and three sided Ambilight models in the company’s mid-range 6000 and 7000 series plus new four-sided sets with the recent introduction of the latest 8000 series. Ambilight is due to reach its peak later this year with the launch of the revolutionary Ambilux product using nine pico projectors within the rear of the set to extend the actual image beyond the screen.

In addition to using LED light to enhance the already extreme sports action, Darklight has been specially created to demonstrate the true full potential of Ambilight technology and to prove how the system takes TV viewing into another dimension.

Logistical solutions

The location scouting, preparation and filming of Darklight took over 38 days divided between two relatively inaccessible locations.

As previously with Afterglow and Lightwaves, Darklight was produced in partnership with independent film company Sweetgrass Productions. The specialist nature of the film work continued with the choice to uniquely shoot the scenes on 4K Red Dragon cameras and TomTom Bandit Action Cams rather than create them on a PC by CGI, with the extreme terrain often requiring both filming by specially prepared camera drones and the crew of 30 to physically ‘hike’ over six tons of equipment into place.

Shooting in the dark and on dirt rather than the much more reflective snow or water also required 171 Led lights, a four-fold increase over Afterglow, while specialist equipment such as the wireless controlled LED bicycle wheels had to be designed and built on location. Partners Specialized and TomTom Bandit Action Cam provided specially adapted bikes and action cams for the riders.

The night scenes come alive

The end results have certainly more than justified the efforts taken. The riders and bikes leave ever changing LED trails as they seem to defy gravity while hurtling down vertical mountain faces bathed in coloured light. Forest floors resemble alien landscapes as the LED lights allow plants to literally glow in the dark.

Darklight succeeds in using the power of light to enhance an already dramatic scene and as such provides the perfect demonstration content for an Ambilight TV. The combination produces, for Philips TV consumers, a viewing experience far beyond the ordinary.

Darklight will take centre stage in the latest Philips Ambilight TV campaign. The film will be available to view on You Tube, Vimeo, Philips website and on the company’s social media channels in addition to staring on specially selected media partner sites.
Philips TV dealers will also have access to Darklight as the perfect in-store demonstration content for any Ambilight equipped TV.

Supporting quote

‘The beauty of the film is the way that viewers initially are forced to suspend their belief in what’s actually possible but as they watch they become aware that it is actually real life and that it is the power of light that is taking what they know and putting it into a totally different dimension’. Mike Brown Producer Sweetgrass Productions

‘Our last film, Afterglow set an incredibly high standard and received an exceptional reception, Darklight follows in the same footsteps to again show the power of light. I encourage all consumers to catch a demo of the movie and see for themselves how Ambilight technology will take their TV view experience into a new dimension’. Marc Harmsen, Global Marketing Lead at TP Vision

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