• New range of LED TVs is the most segmented Philips Hospitality TV offering ever
  • Philips Hospitality TV range now includes three complete series featuring Smart TV
  • Newly introduced Philips EasySuite+ series offers specific features for hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Signature design models come with eye-catching, purist looks and a full set of hospitality features

Amsterdam, 11th October, 2012 – Today, TP Vision announced its new range of Philips Hospitality TVs, which exclusively feature slim TVs with environmentally friendly LED backlight. Once again, this range was developed together with the co-creation team – a team of leading industry experts. It is the most segmented Philips Hospitality TV range ever with five different series to suit the specific needs of hoteliers and healthcare facilities. Three of them – the PrimeSuite, MediaSuite and Signature series – are Smart TV enabled. They provide access to the world of online apps including YouTube and Facebook and, in addition, Secure SimplyShare, which allows the streaming of digital content such as movies and pictures from mobile devices to the TVs.

With their framefree, purist looks, Philips Signature Hospitality TVs fit perfectly into the contemporary interiors of hotels. With the new EasySuite+ range, Philips Hospitality TV meets the increasing demand of healthcare facilities for dedicated TVs. Last but not least, the Philips Hospitality TV range comprises the EasySuite series featuring beautiful, thin stand-alone TV models packed with smart technology. The new Hospitality TVs will be available from the fourth quarter of 2012 onwards in Europe.

Philips Hospitality TV drives innovation on low cost of ownership
TP Vision has total cost of ownership in mind when designing its Hospitality TV range. It keeps costs for initial set-up and usage as low as possible while creating additional revenue opportunities for hoteliers and healthcare facilities. In addition to the latest LED TV efficiency, the TVs come with an updated SmartInstall, which allows for remote set-up and maintenance, saving many hours of work going from room to room. Combined with the new SmartInfo feature, these TVs offer a branded and easy-to-use way to provide information and offers to guests. Both PrimeSuite and MediaSuite come with integrated IPTV which eliminates the need for a set-top box while Appcontrol for Smart TV helps hotels to customize the app offering for different rooms. All TVs feature a payment solution called MyChoice, which is an innovative way to earn money with premium content while enhancing the guest experience.

Signature: fully featured Smart TVs with outstanding looks
With their zero-bezel design, Philips Signature Hospitality TVs radiate elegance and style – even when they are switched off. Philips Signature high-end TVs featuring premium picture quality, Ambilight, and 3D functionality meet the needs of even the most demanding hotel guests. In addition, they have a full set of TP Vision’s dedicated hospitality features on board.

EasySuite+:  well-matched to the healthcare market
The Philips EasySuite+ TVs are suited to hotels but also offer specific features for hospitals and nursing homes. EasySuite+ TVs have a large viewing angle and come with a wide range of special features including an easy-to-clean, hygienic remote control, which is designed to avoid unwanted channel switching on nearby TVs. In addition, the Philips EasySuite+ TV can be easily linked in with nurse call systems.

MediaSuite and PrimeSuite: accessing a world of digital content
Philips MediaSuite and PrimeSuite models are a harmonious blend of fully-featured hotel TVs and powerful gateways to the inspiring world of online content. All models have a comprehensive set of Smart TV features on board; including Secure SimplyShare (on PrimeSuite enabled by optional Wi-Fi dongle) allowing the streaming of photos, movies and music to the TV, Smart TV apps dedicated for hospitality, and Appcontrol to enable hoteliers to easily manage their app offering. While PrimeSuite models are Wi-Fi ready, MediaSuite TVs have integrated Wi-Fi. Both ranges offer integrated IPTV for hassle-free connectivity without the need for a set-top-box.  

EasySuite: slim and powerful stand-alone Hospitality TVs
The beautiful, thin and reliable Philips EasySuite standalone LED TVs are packed with smart technology like SmartInstall and MyChoice to make sure hoteliers can offer the digital TV channels of choice to their guests in the easiest possible way.