• New campaign kicked off for Philips Ambilight TVs powered by Android™
  • Spectacular surfing scenes mirror the power of Ambilight
  • Ambilight gaming mode makes gaming and watching action movies and music videos more immersive
  • Ambilight+hue app feature is now integrated into new Philips TVs featuring Ambilight
  • Philips Ambilight TV app creates exciting ambience for football enthusiasts

Amsterdam, May 5th, 2014 – Today, TP Vision presented a sensational surfing movie that kicks off the latest marketing campaign for Philips Ambilight TVs and Ambilight TVs powered by Android. While making additional Ambilight features available in the 2014 range TP Vision sought for an innovative way how to capture what adding light can do to an experience. With this, the concept of light waves was formed. “Light Waves” is a cool action sports movie that combines breath-taking surfing scenes with lighting effects never seen before. The movie perfectly illustrates the benefits of the unique Ambilight TV lighting technology and what adding light can do to an experience. “Light Waves” can be viewed on YouTube™ and on Philips TV Facebook pages in selected countries and will be shown on Philips Ambilight Televisions at retail partners. TP Vision has expanded the Ambilight experience on all upcoming Philips TVs featuring the unique LED light technology.

Ambilight makes TV gaming more immersive

TP Vision engineers succeeded in improving the dynamics of Ambilight to allow the unique light technology to follow even the most rapid scenes. This makes playing adventure, sports and racing games, watching spectacular action movies and dynamic music videos more immersive than ever before. Ambilight Gaming mode is available on all 2014 Philips Ambilight TVs*.

Cool and fancy football events

The new Ambilight TV app helps you to get the most out of watching the football matches in Brazil. It illuminates the wall behind the Philips TV with the colours of your country flag and celebrates with you when your team scores. It will work with all Philips Ambilight TVs*, which were launched from 2011 onwards in Europe or from 2013 onwards in Latin America. Ambilight TV app is available for download for smartphones and tablets powered by Android and iOS at www.philips.com/ambilight-tv-app.

Expanding Ambilight into the room

The forthcoming Philips TVs featuring Ambilight* will have the Ambilight+hue function on board. The integrated Philips Ambilight+hue control function allows you to enjoy the Ambilight and Hue experience throughout the whole room without the need for smartphones or tablets to steer the innovative lighting solution. Via the Philips Hue bridge, the TV will incorporate all LED lamps compatible with Philips Hue into the Ambilight experience and drives the lamps in such a way that the light effects flood the full living room. You can now control your Hue lighting system directly from the big screen of your Philips Television.

Surfing in a sea of lights

“Light Waves” features Chippa Wilson and Damien Hobgood, two of the world’s leading professional surfers. The film shows them in breathtaking scenes riding waves aflame with coloured light in a way you have never seen before. “Light Waves” provides a powerful and emotional experience – just as Ambilight does.

Advanced filming technology

The movie was shot with extremely rugged camera equipment in 4K Ultra HD technology. Illuminating the ocean with light similar to the Ambilight experience required an innovative lighting technology, while customized surfboards and vests with built-in multi-coloured LED lights added thrilling hue effects. Filming took place mainly in Dubai and the Maldives.

Supporting quote

“Light Waves” is a spectacular and emotional film that mirrors the power of Ambilight. It shows how adding light to something amazing can turn into something spectacular that goes far beyond the ordinary. “Light Waves” managed to capture exactly what our Ambilight Televisions offers consumers.
Marc Harmsen, Marketing Lead at TP Vision

*The described Ambilight features are not available on 5209 Ambilight models.

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