• Clear and clutter-free design with pearl white finish to complement any contemporary interior.
  • Newest Smart TV features offer access to the latest entertainment services.
  • Superior picture quality and vivid 3D performance deliver an immersive viewing experience.

Amsterdam, 12th July, 2012 – Today, TP Vision unveiled the new Philips DesignLine Edge series of Smart TVs, which are the ideal match for contemporary interiors. The chic DesignLine Edge stands out from the TV masses with its pearl white casing and seamless, clear glass front. With the latest Smart TV features, Ambilight Spectra 2 viewing experience and vivid 3D performance, the 2012 DesignLine Edge TV models offer an extraordinary fusion of form and function. Both the 119cm (47’’) and 107cm (42’’) DesignLine Edge Smart TVs will be available in Europe and Russia in the third quarter of 2012.

Designed to fit any contemporary home interior
The newly unveiled TVs are the largest and thinnest DesignLine Edge Smart TVs ever made. Although they come with large screens that measure 119cm (47’’) and 107cm (42’’) in diagonal, they are only 3.5cm thick. They integrate easily into modern living environments. Minimalistic, clutter-free fronts made out of one-piece glass combined with a pearl white, slim and translucent frame give the TVs an astonishing sense of lightness: it seems as if the TVs are floating above the stand. The touch controls are suspended on the glass fronts of the TVs to further enhance their compelling appearance. The subtle design is perfectly complemented by Ambilight Spectra 2, which both intensifies the viewing experience and provides captivating light effects in the living room.

Beautiful and smart
Featuring the latest Smart TV applications, the DesignLine Edge models provide an excellent entertainment experience. Via an embedded WiFi® interface, the TVs wirelessly connect to a local network or to the internet and open the door to an amazing world of digital content. A broad range of apps and services, such as Video on Demand, catch-up TV and internet browsing, are easily accessible via the new, redesigned Philips Smart TV home screen. The Philips DesignLine Edge devices also feature Pause TV, USB recording and voice and video calls via Skype™. Philips MyRemote App lets users browse the electronic program guide (EPG) on a tablet or smartphone whilst watching TV by turning the mobile devices into smart remote controls. The app also allows pictures or videos to be pushed to the TVs with a simple finger swipe.

Brilliant and immersive
The new DesignLine Edge models, featuring Full HD screens, deliver on the renowned Philips TV picture quality. They come with sophisticated picture quality enhancement features including 600Hz Perfect Motion Rate for superb motion sharpness and Pixel Precise HD for high detail in action shots.

The picture enhancement also suits the immersive 3D experience on the DesignLine Edge. 3D Depth Adjustment lets users view 3D content their way, while elaborate 2D to 3D conversion turns any content into 3D. Last but not least, the unique Two Player Full Screen Gaming mode allows full-screen play in a 2D two player game.