• The 152cm (60”) Philips Elevation is the slimmest Philips TV ever
• The ultra-slim TV design together with Ambilight 4-sided XL creates the illusion of a TV floating in a big, warm halo of light
• Advanced TV experience with great picture quality and smart user interaction features

Amsterdam, 10th July, 2013 –TP Vision announces its new Philips Elevation TV, which brings together all the innovative aspects of Philips TVs: an outstanding, ultra-slim design combined with an advanced Ambilight experience, complemented by the latest Philips Smart interaction features as well as great picture quality. A thickness of only 13.5mm makes Elevation the slimmest Philips TV ever. On top of that, the new set comes with Ambilight 4-sided XL. The Philips Elevation will be available in Europe and Russia in the third quarter of 2013.

Floating in a halo of light
Philips Elevation’s ultra-slim design uses high-grade materials together with Ambilight 4-sided XL to create the illusion of a TV that is floating in a large halo of light. This sensation appears whether the TV is on the transparent stand that is available or wall-mounted.

New Ambilight technology
The new Ambilight technology on the 152cm (60”) Philips Elevation features 94 LEDs mounted at the centre of the TV’s rear. It provides a big, soft and warm glow around the TV. Ambilight 4-sided XL virtually expands the TV’s screen by matching the colours to the displayed content.

Superb usability and easy control of Smart TV services
Philips Elevation offers easy access to the comprehensive Philips Smart TV offering. It comes with a specially designed remote control with brushed aluminium finish. An integrated full keyboard for easy text entry, plus pointer functionality, allows easy navigation through the broad selection of Philips Smart TV apps and services; including catch-up TV, video on demand, Skype video conferencing or social media.

Smart user interaction expands the TV experience
Consumers have lots of pictures and movies stored on their smartphones, tablets and computers, which they may wish to view on a big screen TV. Therefore, Philips Elevation features both Wi-Fi Miracast™ and SimplyShare to allow users to stream content easily from their smart mobile devices onto the TV screen. In contrast, Wi-Fi Smart Screen pulls digital broadcast TV onto users’ connected mobile devices, while Multi-Room watching allows programmes to be streamed to a secondary DLNA®-enabled TV in the house. And, last but not least, by using MyRemote users can record their favourite programmes on the go.

Ultra-slim but still delivering superb picture quality
Featuring Perfect Pixel HD, Philips Elevation delivers flicker-free pictures with superb sharpness, clarity, vivid colours, and great contrast. 900HZ Perfect Motion Rate (PMR)* allows for precise, smooth and natural picture movement. In addition, Micro Dimming Pro on Philips Elevation delivers pictures with enhanced contrast. It dynamically modulates backlight depending on the brightness.

* Perfect Motion Rate is the combined result of video processing capabilities, number of frames per second and refresh rate of each frame, perfection in dimming capabilities, and backlighting technology. A higher PMR number contributes to higher contrast and better motion clarity.

About TP Vision
TP Vision is a dedicated TV player in the world of visual digital entertainment. TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips branded TV sets in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and selected countries in Asia-Pacific. We do this by combining our design expertise and innovative Philips TV heritage with the operational excellence, flexibility and speed of TPV Technology. With these combined strengths, we bring high-quality TV sets to the market: smart and easy to use with sophisticated styling i.e. new materials and slim design. We believe in creating products that offer a superior TV experience for consumers. With Philips TVs, TP Vision is a global leader in the hospitality market. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, TP Vision is the exclusive brand licensee of Philips TV for the above listed countries. The TV Company is 70% owned by TPV and 30% by Royal Philips, headquartered in the Netherlands. TP Vision employs close to 3,100 people in several locations around the globe.

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