Brussels, 18th February 2016 – TP Vision will continue to exhibit its long term policy of moving the company’s current top PQ processing technology from hi-end sets into the following year’s mid-range models with the introduction of the first-half 2016 product range.

HDR performance will be a central element of the 2016 Philips range with all sets from the 6000 series upwards offering HDR + compatibility and being able of accepting HDR content via HDMI 2.0a, USB or via streaming services and fully processing and displaying the content.

All HDR compatibility will be part of a firmware update to be available shortly after the new range products are launched into the market starting in the 2nd quarter 2016.

With genuine HDR content likely to be in short supply in the early days of the format, Philips have added an HDR Upscaling feature to boost the dynamic range of any content. Available across the entire HDR product Range, HDR Upscaling has been designed to work with the Micro Dimming Pro and Bright Pro backlight systems.

Micro Dimming Pro uses a special software controller to analyze the picture in 6400 different zones, adjusting each zone independently to display the deepest blacks and brightest whites. Bright Pro makes use of the higher 700 Nit output of the panel and boosts local peak light levels within an image creating superior contrast and more vivid colours.

In addition to HDR performance, all sets from the 6500 range upwards will feature native 100Hz 4K UHD panels to re-produce razor sharp images with exceptionally smooth and fluid motion.

The top model in the first-half 2016 range announcement will be the new 65” 7601 set which features a direct dimmable backlight and the Micro Dimming Premium system, both found in a 7000 series product for the first time. The Micro Dimming Premium system features a backlight with 128 independently dimmable segments, resulting in a different optimized backlight level per segment allowing the deepest blacks to be displayed with the brightest whites.

The 7601 also features Philips top-level Perfect Pixel Ultra HD processing suite which includes: Premium Color, Perfect Natural Motion and Ultra Resolution Upscaling – featuring Philips’ unique line-thinning algorithm.

Premium Color in the 7601 is the combination of normal color gamut panel combined with 2.250 Trillion color processing. With so much more color resolution and brilliant saturated colors, you’ll forget you’re looking at a screen at all.

The latest version of Philips award winning motion enhancement system, Perfect Natural Motion, uses its four billion pixel processing power to produce images with exceptional sharpness and the smoothest, fluid motion, whether handling native HD or UHD content.

Ultra Resolution Upscaling will allow consumers to enjoy UHD quality images from whatever source they are watching. The advanced upscaling technology combines with Philips unique line-thinning algorithm to transform the original pixels into better quality pixels resulting in finer lines and deeper details.

The 7101 and 7181 edge lit products, both feature Premium Colour technology partly thanks to the inclusion of wide colour gamut panels – enhanced by up to 85% – in combination with advanced four trillion color processing to produce exceptionally vivid, vibrant colors that remain natural and realistic.

The Perfect Natural Motion system is also now available in the 6000 series for the first time and is featured on the 6561 and 6501models while the 6101 and 6401 feature the Natural Motion system.

Ambilight also remains a key element of the Philips TV PQ proposition thanks to its ability to enhance image quality by easing eyestrain and by giving a perceived increase in contrast performance.

The ultimate incarnation of Ambilight technology remains the recently launched 8901 AmbiLux model with its ability to project the on-screen image beyond the boundaries of the set while the latest 8601 set features four-sided Ambilight with an extra slim bezel and blade stand to give the impression that the TV is floating.

The 2016 range will see three sided Ambilight technology extended down to the 6000 series with the 6561 model, while the 6401 and 6501 models featuring two sided Ambilight.

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